Free Understanding Schizophrenia Causes Essay Sample

Schizophrenia is a persistent and inexplicable mental condition that is associated with the degeneration of emotional sensitivity and thought processes. It affects both men and women at the age of 17-35 years. The disorder also affects people of over 45 years of age. Furthermore, it is characterized by the hallucinations, delusions, high sensitivity, suspicions, and poor organizations, withdrawal and emotional imbalance among others. Some of its causes include genetic, environmental, developmental, psychological, familial and individual factors among others. This paper attempts to explore different causal factors by certain authors, and the significance of the topic in the society.

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According to David Taylor, 2006, the causal agents of schizophrenia are not clear yet. This, he explains, is due to many causes of the disorder, it might not be one disease, or it maybe be caused by agents that have not been examined. One of the causes he identified is the season of birth. This is highly significant in that it determines the child's psychological health. In fact, children born in the late winter or early spring are more susceptible to develop schizophrenia more than those who are born out of these seasons. That is the mother gets viral infections or influenza; hence affecting the baby's development.

Moreover, obstetric complications are possible causes of the disorder. This happens when the hypoxic actions that happen during birth, which are likely to trigger the occurrence of the disorder. Additionally, genetic factors are quite instrumental in that the disorder is likely inherited (Taylor 14). Moreover, identical twins are more prone to the condition more than the non-identical ones.
Furthermore, environmental factors are potential causes of the disorder since people in urban areas are more susceptible to the condition than those in the rural areas. This is because the causal agents increase with the rise of the population. Also, migration and substance abuse, which mainly practiced in urban areas, contributes to the causes of schizophrenia.

Another author who explains the causes of schizophrenia is John H Gilmore. According to him, genetic factors are instrumental in causing schizophrenia. ".most significant risk factor is having a first-degree relative with schizophrenia." (Gilmore 8). Moreover, the environmental factors are potential causes of schizophrenia. Furthermore, pre and prenatal problems are among the risk factors of the condition.

In addition, maternal depression as an environmental factor combines with a genetic one to facilitate the development of schizophrenia. Also, schizophrenia also occurs due to developmental alterations in an individual's brain, and substance abuse. Besides, Hirsch et al., asserts that schizophrenia is a brain sickness that results from a combination of certain factors. Some of them include genetic, sociological, environmental and neuropsychological factors.

With the increasing cases of schizophrenia in the world, it is imperative to inform the society of the possible causes of the disorder. Therefore, this topic is highly significant in minimizing the risks of developing the disorder in the society. For instance, majority of people who abuse drugs are more prone to the disorder than those who do not. Therefore, substance abuse should reduce in the society in order to safeguard people from developing schizophrenia. It also enables members of the society to take necessary precautions in an attempt to curb the existence of the disease.

Without doubt, the topic is also relevant since it is one of the crucial psychological issues concerning mental disorders. Causes of schizophrenia are not diverse in that most authors claim common factors as the causes of the disorder. These include psychological, genetic, environmental, sociological, psychological, individual and developmental factors. Imperatively, the society should take essential measures so as to reduce the prevalence in the society. Therefore, the society should ban the issue of substance abuse so as to minimize such cases in the society.


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