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Major events such as the 1996 Summer Olympic Games held in Atlanta, Georgia create a number of the identical problems which happen at minor events. This is attributed to the number of people involved and the complexity of lessening vulnerabilities to attack. For reasons that are apparent, security precautions for key events aren't broadly published. This is occasioned by the fact that the information shall be utilized in the subsequent key event. In this paper, I will analyze the security vulnerabilities that may have existed at the time of the 1996 games and the outcome of the vulnerability. Second, I will discuss incidents that occurred during the event. Third, I will discuss facial recognition biometrics. Last, I will discuss the response to the Discussion Board.

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Security vulnerabilities that may have existed at the time of the 1996 games

In spite of the preparedness efforts of lessening the possibility of political aggression throughout the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the bombing in Centennial Olympic Park was conducted by a lone terrorist or more. The nine hundred and eleven (911) scheme malfunctioned a week before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The outcome of this failure was that a number of addressees were lost. To make matters worse, the bureaucrats didn't discern the kind of addresses that were lost. Throughout the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, dispatchers experienced difficulties as they attempted to trace addresses for seven hundred and fifty five (755) callers (Morehouse and Cook, 1996). Things turned out to be much complicated owing to the absence of an address for Centennial Olympic Park. Another drawback which was occasioned by the malfunctioning of the 911 system was the slow reaction of the dispatcher. As much as the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) security preparations are concerned, the private security firm which was leased in order to offer security guards did not honor its pledge of providing the agreed number of guards. Additionally, only a small number of volunteer guards turned up. A number of the intercontinental volunteers went back to their respective countries subsequent to spending a short period of time in Atlanta, Georgia. Their action was attributed to the displeasure with accommodation. Furthermore, they were dissatisfied with the organizers (Martz, 1998). The city of Atlanta had intercontinental connections previous to the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games escalated Atlanta's intercontinental visibility as a result of which novel connections were formed that could have made the city to be a target for global terrorists (Martz, 1998). At that particular time, the city of Atlanta had a number of domestic political violence.  Domestic terrorists have actually been extremely dynamic in Florida. They frequently traveled via Atlanta to other regions of USA. This is in accordance with a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) official. These criminal groups posed a serious threat to the security of the Games (Martz, 1998). Another serious threat to the safety of the 1996 Atlanta Games was the overdependence on corporate sponsors for security and other vital services. Additionally, there was an over reliance on private contractors for security and other vital services. All these instances posed security vulnerability to the Games since terrorists could have taken the advantage of the prevailing loopholes and wreck havoc to both the players and the spectators (Martz, 1998).

The Result of the Vulnerability

The act of depending on 3rd parties so as to offer resources turned out to be a major problem. In spite of the security planning and the deployment of scores of security staff, an unknown individual succeeded in positioning a bomb within an extraordinary public place. Afterward, this person set the bomb off. This depicted the ineffectiveness of the security preparations. The realization of the 911 system contained a number of "bugs". These "bugs" had actually not been exercised, for instance, the loss of addresses previous to the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Did any incidents occur?

It was anticipated that Atlanta shall be the safest city in the globe. Several months prior to the opening ceremony of the Atlanta Olympic Games, a number of domestic terrorist events took place. A bomb detonated in Centennial Olympic Park. It detonated at exactly 1:20 a.m. on the seventh month (July) of the year nineteen hundred and ninety six (1996). The detonation of the bomb resulted in the death of one person. At least one hundred and eleven (111) people were injured. Additionally, a Turkish cameraman died of a heart attack as he made his way to the site of the detonation (Martz, 1998).

The Use of Facial Recognition Biometrics at a Large Sporting/Entertainment Venue

Biometrics may be defined as whichever mechanically quantifiable, robust and distinct physical trait of an individual characteristic which may be utilized in discovering a person or even validating the declared identify of a person. On the other hand, facial recognition, as a biometric, facilitates the automatic identification of human beings. It might possibly be utilized for surveillance reasons at a large sporting or entertainment venue. Due to the fact an individual's face may possibly be captured by means of a camera from a number of miles away, the subject shall not necessarily know he or she has been watched. Thus, facial recognition has been used at large sporting or entertainment venues to detect criminals and terrorists (Morehouse and Cook, 1996).

How Facial recognition could have addressed the vulnerabilities that existed in 1996 in Atlanta

Facial recognition would have addressed the different vulnerabilities that existed during the 1996 Atlanta Games. Owing to the fact that it captures faces of persons in the public it would have reduced the security concerns such as the detonation of the bomb at the Centennial Olympic Park. Additionally, due to the fact that faces may possibly be captured from several miles, the bomb detonator could have easily been identified. In order for whichever biometric system to run efficiently, it ought to contain records within its database against which it may look for matches. Facial recognition biometric has the capability of leveraging the prevailing existing databases in various instances (Woodward, 2001).

In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings

A key origin of disagreement as much as major events such as the Olympic Games are concerned is if to prepare chiefly from the basis of perils or resources. Risk-founded approach normally poses the kind of threats that are likely to be encountered. Additionally, it asks the types of vulnerabilities and the mode of lessening these vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is imperative for organizers of major events to acquire the required resources so as to lessen vulnerabilities and risks. These vulnerabilities and risk should be lessened to a level which's professionally acceptable. It is apparent that the usage of latest technologies such as the face recognition biometrics can significantly reduce the impacts of international terrorism.


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