Free Social-Psychological Theories Essay Sample

A theory describes and explains how things happen. It also can predict events. Any theory reflects a particular set of assumptions and perspectives. The study of conflict and conflict resolution has been broached by many disciplines, including psychology, communication, business, and political science (Morton, 2006) to name a few. This paper focuses on the study of conflict and its resolution primarily from a social-psychological perspective. Thus, the assignment concentrates on three of the psychological theories that contribute to an understanding of conflict and the elements that can aid or detract from its resolution: psychodynamic theory, attribution theory, and field theory. In this case, the essay puts more emphasis on Psychodynamic theory.

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A case in point of the conflict of choice is the inner conflict when one has a contention or a conflict between choosing time for the family and the career (Folger, Poole & Stutman, 2005). Psychodynamic theory practically plays a dominant role and value in understanding and resolving conflict this kind of conflict. It is unlike attribution theory that would try to understand how "attribute" causes to certain behavior for instance what is involved when making the decision including Locus, Stability and Controllability (Horowitz, 2001). Or the field theory espouses and individual's behavior is usually a resultant feature of varying forces both internal and external.

Psychodynamic theory involves the study of psychological forces, which underlie human behavior, putting more emphasis on the interplay between the conscious and the unconscious motivation (Horowitz, 2001). In the case, of such kind of a conflict, one part of the individual which is the conscious mind feels that one needs use for of their time in their professional life, but, on the other hand, the subconscious feels guilty of not giving the family enough time to relate together (Morton, 2006). The resolution to such a conflict is balancing the two the conscious and subconscious self and making time for each to feel contented of leading life the right way.


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