Free Factors Behind Terrorism: Evil and Psychopathy Essay Sample

Terrorism can be defined as political violence in an asymmetrical conflict planned to bring about psychic fear and terror by the destruction of civilian targets and violent victimization. There are many types of terrorism among which religiously-motivated terrorism, cyber terrorism, and suicide terrorism are the most common and each of which have got distinguishing factors such as psychological aspects, planned to induce emotional responses, including panic, helplessness, or fear in the intended victims.

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A terrorist is someone who takes part in terrorism and they usually bear strong negative intensions. For an individual to become a terrorist, it is always that there are some factors which propel him or her (Cooper, 2001). Various factors have been found to contribute into the existence of terrorists and this is generally a process rather than an abrupt decision that one makes. Two factors are to be considered in terms of their similarities and differences.

One of the factors that propel individuals into becoming terrorists is evil. Evil can be seen as deliberately behaving as it make people to act in manners that dehumanize, demean, destroy, harm, or kill other people who are innocent. It excludes unintended or accidental harmful outcomes and the wider, common forms of evil, for instance poverty, prejudice as well as destruction of the surroundings by the corporate greed's agents (Miller, 2004). It can include the corporate responsibility for selling and marketing products that are apparently disease causing, for instance drug dealers as well as cigarette manufacturers. Therefore these products have got death-dealing characteristics.

Psychodynamic theory as well locates the origin of violence and disruptive behaviors in an individual within his or her psyches. This often traces back to the unresolved conflicts during the stage of infancy. Similar to genetic observations of pathology, this psychological approach seeks to associate behaviors society perceives as pathological to the origins of pathology such as defective genes and structures of pre-morbid personality (Miller, 2004). Both evil and pathology affect the psychology of an individual and therefore displaying undesirable behavior that can lead into harming or killing others.


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