Free The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Essay Sample

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a therapy which mainly focuses on the unconscious patterns like the thoughts of an individual and the general feelings that a person may have but be unaware that they are there. This Psychodynamic psychotherapy can take a period of about 20-30 weeks or even as long as a whole year. A psychological experience is an event in an individual’s life like for example in my case I can say that I experienced a psychological experience when I moved the University where I had to leave my family behind, meet new and strange people from all races and tribes some of whom did not even speak my language which was a very traumatizing experience because it gave me some sort of emotional suffering. Very hurting and painful experiences can have psychological impacts which maybe long-term and in most cases can lead to psychological distress.

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The mind is a substance which is immaterial and it has causal powers over the body of an individual. Physical forces are what determine people’s thoughts, actions, and judgments. The mind works very differently in different people since the actions, judgments and thoughts of people are very unique in each individual. The mind is very much able to communicate with other minds because people interact with other people on several occasions and through these meetings, there is the use of language and communication which can make the mind to be able to understand the other minds through knowing the other persons dreams since the people can be able to tell others what they feel, remember, and even what they know. The study of the mind is done by psychologists.

I believe that psychological change is possible is the patient is willing to take the therapy positively because some people have a lot of fear in them and it becomes very hard for them to be able to trust anybody even the psychodynamic therapists which makes their work to be extremely difficult in helping the patient. It is very sad that some people do not want to be helped out of their psychological experiences which can greatly affect their future since it can affect how the mind works in the person and end up creating anxiety in the person. The psychodynamic therapists mainly work to assist people with anxiety, depression, stress related ailments, and panic and emotional suffering

I have a strong feeling that people don’t have the same problems which shows that all the people and all of their problems are very unique in one way or the other. The psychodynamic therapy has the assumption that all of our personalities have been shaped by developmental stages of our lives like the experiences that we might have experienced as children, infants, adolescents, or even as young adults. In this case, the therapist can then be able to understand all of your life’s difficulties by looking at your personality, upbringing and also the family history. I totally agree with Shedler (2010) when he noted and acknowledged that there were also other forms of psychological treatments other than the psychodynamic therapy where he put the idea that there was no evidence to support the effectiveness of the new therapies.

I believe that the majority of people who benefit greatly from the psychodynamic therapy are the people who are very curious in knowing how oneself and their internal life, knowing how their minds actually works, wanting to know the truth about their inner-self, desiring to be honest and they find that their personal internal lives is understandable if it is given time. It is very true that we sometimes find ourselves behaving in ways that we don’t understand fully where the psychodynamic therapist has to help us to try and understand ourselves which can be very time consuming at times. This lack of self-understanding is what causes us problems and make us not to have healthy and satisfying lives, and also not have healthy and nourishing relationships.

According to Shedler (2010), it is very evident that from his article often tend to shy away from this psychodynamic psychotherapy the reason being that a majority of the people don’t actually believe in the efficacy of the psychodynamic psychotherapy because they end up making assumptions that the therapy cannot be able to give them any help in the solving of their personal problems and most of them are afraid of committing themselves to commit their precious time on a very expensive therapy which may not be fruitful and beneficial to them which can be very time consuming and expensive at the same time.

The main problem that I found out after reading Shedler’s article is that very many people find it hard to find a good therapist and by this saying, I don’t mean that there are bad therapists but at the individual level, a good therapist is one that one can fully trust to open up to and share all his or her life’s worries and problems. A majority of people want to have the therapy but they are very much afraid that they may end up having a bad therapist which is a very rare occasion because I believe that all the psychodynamic therapists are well trained on how to handle their clients the main problem is that their clients still don’t trust them and end up terming them to be bad and they still don’t cooperate with them which makes their work extremely difficult.

Meeting with a new therapist is usually extremely very difficult for a client and I say this out of my own experience because I had problems with interacting with my therapist since I was quiet, I was afraid of asking questions in things that I was not very sure of, and I was uncomfortable the whole time so it was a torture for me. I believe a meeting with a new therapist has the same experience that I had with every individual because it is not that easy to have to trust someone else who is not your family or friend but a total stranger. I think that the long time that the psychodynamic psychotherapy is perfect because people need to be given time so as to be able to adapt and have enough time to be able to believe and trust their therapists with their personal problems because many people don’t like sharing their past mental health problems even to their close friends and relatives.

I totally agree with Shedler that the psychodynamic psychotherapy is very highly effective because in his article, he was able to prove that through the effect size measurement of the treatment benefit where he was able to find out that for the psychodynamic psychotherapy the effect size was 0.97, for the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy was 0.68, and for the antidepressant medication was 0.31. This proved that the psychodynamic psychotherapy is much more effective than any other form of therapy. I believe that Shedler’s article is a proof that psychodynamic psychotherapy actually works.

Through the psychodynamic therapy, there is the interaction between the therapist and the client which causes a relationship through the learning of the clients relationship with other people in his or her life by the therapist. Shedler in his article stated that a majority of the people who received psychodynamic therapy were able to understand themselves which improved their conditions after having undertaken the therapy since it is very global to be able to understand our inner self. This kind of psychodynamic therapy which has been emphasized by Shedler is aimed at helping individuals to understand their minds in a much more broader way so that after the therapy, a person can be able to learn more about himself even without the help of the therapist. I believe that the psychodynamic therapy works better than any other newer therapies which have been discovered by new research although it much costly and it can take a very long time, I think it is better than the new therapies. I strongly believe that a person need to be given a lot of time as one may need because not everyone is open to change within a short duration of time, so people may need time.


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