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Serial killers are not merely murderers but rather intelligent individuals having a history of abuse with a motivation to kill. Victims of serial murder die while the killers are in the process of making efforts to regain command and control of their lives by taking control of the life and death of the victim. A serial killer has ever been defined as the sexual attack as well as murder of children, women and men. Even prior to the awareness of serial killing in the American society in the 1880's, people had already begun classifying a number of killers and made identifications on them while assigning particular characteristics to such individuals. All offenders who have killed more than three persons at different periods in time over years, months or even weeks have been referred to as serial killers. This essay paper seeks to assert claims that serial killers are humans who have naturally come to existence and have this as their challenge in life like any other human being has his or her own challenge.

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There have been a number of serial killers from time in memorial including BTK whose target was women, The Boston Strangler, Bella Gunness and many more others. Serial killers normally use specific endeavors to evade authorities or detection. They could kill for a number of years before they could be recognized. Such killers trigger anxiety and fear in the society in which they live. Many researchers would admit that serial killers must include any culprits who murder over a given time period, with a minimum of about three or four victims and there normally in a manner taking the form of a pattern. About a century ago, an Italian physician known as Ceaser Lomborso came up with a study are referred to as "criminology and anthropology". The belief in this area of study was that crime offenders were savage primate like persons who were born by an evolutionary accident which is not explained but through which they found themselves into the contemporary world.

There was once a serial killer known as Vincent Verzeni who assisted Lomborso to authenticate this theory. After Vincent strangled two women, he was arrested. Lomborso later examined Vincent and came to realize that Vincent actually had a bull neck, a large jaw, a low forehead and malformed ears. This was a good example of "primitive human race". It did not take long before Lomborso made claims that a born criminal would be identified by looking at his physical features.  Well, the theory might have been discredited but serial killers have been found in our societies anyway. Any survey of history of a serial killer would stem up as early as the ancient empire of Rome where the once Emperor Caligula killed and schemed his path to the top laying a standard for malevolence in the Roman world.

If we think of sexual killers of all times, we would recall Jack the "Ripper" who murdered five streetwalkers in London. Holmes is the first documented American serial killer who confessed that he killed twenty seven people towards the end of 1890's. After like a period of twenty years, another serial killer came up; "The Axeman of New Orleans." Well, abuse is normally a huge part of the background of the killer. This could be either they were abused while young or themselves were the abusers like abusers of animals. Young people abusing animals are not necessarily that they will consequently be serial or mass killers. Such children who pull worms in half to look at both sides writhe are not obviously going to have a killing passion. Otherwise, children who harm or mess with the kitten belonging to their neighbor only to hear their agonizing cries could have a desire for killing. This could be the human side of serial killers as they tend to gain pleasure out of it.

The human side of serial killers is likely to have a lot of cause and effect. Persons who got abused in their tender ages have a high chance of growing up with psychological issues which may trigger passions to kill to take away their frustrations or may be have control of their personal lives. The civilized brain of human beings is built on primordial animalistic centre known as the R complex. Therefore, there are savage instincts in every human being of our ape same like the ancestors. Freudian theorist took a similar perception and regard serial killers as individuals with stunted personalities. Owing to the way they were brought up, serial killers have not been found to make any progress any further beyond the development of emotions of a young child. In fact, they love to demolish things including human lives.

A serial killer considers a human being as a mere breakable thing or substance. Therefore they take apart the lives of human beings as they please. Their personalities teach them so and give them this perception. Serial murder is an "element evil"; it can not be defined nor can its cause thereof be established. Serial killers can elude governments and authorities for long durations of time and even others forever unnoticed. The "Gorilla Murder" in the 1920's was condemned to a State Mental Asylum he succeeded breaking out a number of times. The authorities grew tired of getting hold of him. The same "Gorilla Murder" became a serial rapist six years later. The "Gorilla Murder" committed a lot of killings in the USA and later moved to Manitoba, Canada. This is where he was apprehended and locked up in a double cell.

Amazingly, the "Gorilla Murder" managed to break out after fifteen minutes whilst he was left alone. This was huge surprise that was staged in the society. It turned out to be the greatest hunt of a man in the history of Manitoba.  This is essence is beyond explanation. This serial killer has uncanny and weird abilities that cannot be described. However, the killer was caught up after twelve hours. Researchers really do not know what happens in the brain of a serial killer. The reason why a killer commits these threatening acts is best known to him or her and how they are able to elude authorities over long periods of time. Theories of psychology make an assumption that crime emerges from poorly conditioned mannerism and behavior.

Various types of serial killers have been pointed out over period in history. Sexual predators murder people in absolute acts of sexual killing. Others kill in partners where an individual gangs up with others to commit murder. Some serial killers are indescribable. The killer would kill a person where the motive is not known neither can it be established. It remains to be a mystery.  There is a query of insanity where the individual murders in a random way or is considered insane. Some persons mainly females murder out of hate or jealously. Angel of death is the moment when the individual kills persons in a systematic way that could be in their care for reasons of medical nature and then there is the moment the killer acts solely and murders partners, spouses or even members of the family.

Females are not entirely categorized as serial killers since it is rare to get wind of a serial killer from the female gender. Women who have been described as serial killers usually make use of poison to murder their victims. Serial killers amongst women are in most cases successful, precise and careful while committing their killings. Male killers could take an average of four years before they can be found in the criminal act. Women form about fifteen per cent of the total crimes of violence. Research has shown that about eight per cent of the killers in America are women. The women in America account for about seventy percent of the total number of serial killers. Women mostly use suffocation, poisons, stabbing, shooting and drowning. Most women are motivated to kill for sex, enjoyment, low self-esteem, control and money.

There have been a great number of serial killers in the entire world; thousands of them. Some serial killers have sadistic methods of murdering where some are part of cults' practice and others are rooted in pleasure.  Some serial killers murder members of the family while others could kill absolute strangers. All these actions have remained to be mysteries since what goes on in the mind of the serial killer is hard to come in terms with. All that is know is that there is a kind of satisfaction serial killers get in killing people. Movies as well as books have influenced a lot on the craze of serial killer. All the same, such events do not become normal because they are in books or movies. There is a lot of caution exercised when reference is being made to serial killers since mercenaries and hired assassins may not be of any importance in this essay. The reasons for killing as in the case with mercenaries and hired assassins are obvious and thus cannot be termed as serial killers.

Serial killers do not have clear reasons for engaging in their crime. The drive comes from within them. They murder as a result of what is mainly appealing to them. The drive for serial killers has been in debate ever since their study. However, they are few found truths upon which researchers could agree upon. One of such few truths is sexual drive in which they end up killing. They could refer to it in various ways in their different researches. However, serial killers have dramatic differences in what they deem is either the attraction to the individual or womanhood. Well, these differences in the persons they kill is not proof that they act and think differently. A major concern of the serial killers is entirely free will. It cannot be said that there are never unconscious motives while killing. However, they are at the same time very conscious humans.

In conclusion, the human side of a serial killer is still there. They are very conscious. They know when and decide the time to kill. Therefore, serial killers are very interesting in the eyes of the public and nearly an obsession. As a result of this, serial killers have become majorly interesting and categorizing them in one group becomes hard to understand and study them. The FBI has not succeeded in this filed. There is a lot of information offered about serial killers but there is much communication that is needed that highlights ways of understanding serial killers and the motives behind them.


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