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The interpretation of the same object may differ from one person to other, for instance, in figure 1 of the hidden man (The American Journal of Psychology, 1954) people interprets it differently though the object has not changed. The face is seen as soon as the light is switched on. However, some people require the outline of the features over the patchwork in order to see it. The information perceived of the object does not only depend on what is being looked at but also on the state of the perceiver. For example, with the same object and same image on the retina, the information got from the object is different. Observer one sees it as a chaotic patchwork whereas, the other one sees a picture of a man, sharp, clear and characteristic.

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Other interesting areas where brain interprets things differently are TV shows and Brain Games on National Geographic. When looking at the same image, the brain and visual system may interpret it as three dimensional images. When interpreting things in real life, the visual system has techniques that cover for different shadows and lighting that it makes it possible for us to better interpret objects as they really exist.

Some studies carried out previously indicates that there are some people who seem very sensitive to pain while others appear to tolerate pain very well. This shows that interpretation of the same senses differ from one person to the other. Similarly, same written information may be interpreted differently with different people depending on where the emphasis is put on the text. The same case applies to ideas and experiences interpretation by different individuals. In conclusion, interpretation of things by the brain is not the same but differs from one individual to the other beside other factors.


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