Free Turner Syndrome in Girls Essay Sample

Turner syndrome is a disorder that is common in girls. The medical disorder ratio now stands at 1 in 2500 girls. Though the wide researches on the syndrome, the exact cause is still not known but it is believed to be resulting from girl’s chromosomes. Girls suffering from this syndrome are normally short in height and those who fail to seek medical attention reach an average height of 1.4metters. The good thing with this syndrome is that if the disorder is diagnosed early enough, the patient’s growth hormones can be treated so as to help the patient to grow taller. Most of the girls have two X chromosomes, but those suffering from the syndrome happen to be having only one or miss a section of one of the X chromosome. The effects of the syndrome widely vary from one girl to the other depending on the number of cells that are affected by the changes on the X chromosome. In addition to the shortness, turner syndrome blocks the proper development of the ovaries thus affecting the girl’s ability to conceive and their sexual development (Hovatta, 1999).

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Patients having the Turner syndrome are normally diagnosed at birth or later when they are at their puberty. A baby having signs of Turner syndrome usually undergoes a special type of blood test referred to as karyotype. The test involves counting the chromosomes numbers to identify the ones that have any missing pieces or have abnormal shapes. The fact that the syndrome is caused by chromosome abnormality, no specific cure for the condition has been identified. However, several developments have come up to aid in the treatment of the syndrome. Most of the treatment procedures are aimed at correcting the problems caused by the condition like the growth problem. This situation of lack of a defined treatment method for treatment of Turner syndrome has left researchers constantly searching for new methods of treatment. Treatment of growth hormones can help improve the growth problem and influence the final height of the girls in their adult age. In most cases, such treatment helps the girls suffering from Turner syndrome to get a final height especially when the treatment starts early enough (Nielson, and Hansen, 1989).

The efficiency of the growth hormone treatment and optimal modalities treatment of Turner syndrome remain controversial. The researches that have been carried out on the disorder produce divergent results. More research need to be carried out on the randomized controlled trails as such controlled trails have proved to be the most valuable source that can be used as preliminary information. The treatments that have come up to try solve the growth problem have received a varying respond from the Tuner syndrome patients. This can be explained on the basis of the variation in terms of good and bad responders. This posse a challenge to the researches to be conducted in future; the researches should be in such away that they should be in a position to address such variations (Bolar and Lippe, 2008). Current researches have been unable to determine whether there exists a molecular or genetic basis for this variation and how the patients suffering from Tuner syndrome can be best predicted. This is another field that needs to be addressed to give any hopes in controlling and treatment of Turner syndrome which has become a major problem to girls all over the world. The number of individual found to have the less common types of karytype groups still remains small. This means that the types of karyotype groups keep on varying making it even harder to find a method of treating the disorder which is universal (Turner, 1988).


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