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In my life, I realized that I sometimes I allow myself to be defined by what I am and not who I am. By saying what I am I define myself  by the achievements  I have made  In my life, for example what course I am undertaking , by what people think of me or by the circumstances  I find myself in or in things beyond my control. Most of my friends identify themselves by the successes they have had in their lives or by what material wealth they may have. Also, as an American a superpower country, and a land of many opportunities of which I am very proud  of , I sometimes find myself identifying with this American identity rather than who I really am as a person.

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To put into words what really defines me as a person, I must emphasize on my actions as it is very true to say that actions speak louder than words. Under everyday circumstances, I find myself having to make a choice. These choices determine the action I will take under the various circumstances. My mind makes the choice so this is from inside me not external and this is what I portray myself to the world. The world understands and defines me as what is a totality of my words and actions and henceforth make judgments on what type of person I am. Therefore, my personality describes what I really am and this is what defines me. For me to define myself I have to vividly think and understand what are my weaknesses and strengths. Once I understand myself, better I can grow on towards my life's goals and ultimate destiny. This is the knowledge of what is deep inside me that I refer to as 'I'. It is vividly portrayed through my various character traits, temperaments and my beliefs. My achievements are fruits of my ongoing understanding myself, abilities and what I want to achieve in life.

On my definition as an American, one thing is true for me I am proud to be American. America is land endowed with all sorts of opportunity and being envied by people from other nationalities as being superior is something to be proud of and be worth every bit of it. The American identity gives every American a sense of a greater destiny, scaling greater heights in life. This is true according to life circumstances here compared to other countries in the world. Being a true American I always endeavor to portray qualities and values such as freedom and allowing others exercise their liberty, being responsible and also being independent in my quest for my true identity. America has a great vision to achieve and this is what every patriotic American identifies with in their quest for their identity as individuals. The American identity has been a great platform for me to understand myself better and create great goals for the entire world to achieve together.


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