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According to (Ellen E.Pastorino, Suann M.Doyle-Portillo 2008) Psychology is the use of science to study Behavior and the processes culminating from our mental actions. This includes feelings, biological being and actions. Mental actions include intelligence, memory and solving of problems. It’s believed to have originated from Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece as the Egyptians used it in both Medicine and Philosophy. However the first Psychological lab was established in Leipzig, Germany by Wilhelm Wundt in 1879(P.4-6)

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How does Psychologists Do Research in relation to clarity, accuracy, precision, and depth.

Clarity, accuracy, precision, and depth are a critical part to psychologists while doing research. According to Carole G, Julian M (2004).Becoming aware of the clarity, precision, relevance, depth and breath you start to evaluate the importance of things that may be in your professional context. By so doing your mind will be open to any eventualities even if it means accepting failure as part of the out come. You must be ready to embrace challenges to your beliefs .He talks about playing “Devil’s Advocate” which involves taking an uncomfortable stand so as to view things in a different perspective (p.41).

What is deep learning, and why is it important to your education?

According to (Thomas F.Nelson Laird, Arm K.Garver, Mahauganee Shaw and Tony Ribera 2009)with reference to the work by (Tagg,2003).Deep learning takes root in our understanding apparatus in the meaning that is embedded to defining us, thus prompting us to define our world according to it(p.70).

According to them deep learning has “Deep Level Process”. This is crucial to our learning in that we are able to use it to commit ourselves to understanding. It also helps us reflect on pieces of information and their relationship. Deep learning is also an important aspect in focusing on the underlying meaning in a substance and finally deep learning helps us Synthesis and integrates information prior to learning it. (slide.6)

What educational values support deep learning?

 According to (Kevin Warburton, 2003) Deep learning is an important strategy that students use to understand course materials and through experience by extracting their meaning. The range of social economic issues, interrelation in the environment and interdisciplinary thinking brings out a holistic insight. The relevancy of Deep learning is thus found in the education values as a means of sustainability. The educational values of discipline are thus a critical aspect of a student’s development of interdisciplinary creative approaches to sustainability that can expand outside of the institution (Kevin Warburton, 2003pp.44 – 56)

What is critical thinking, and why is it important to your education?

David A. Hunter (2009)Defines Critical thinking according to Robert Ennis as “a reasonable and reflective thinking aimed at reaching a conclusion on what to and what not to believe”. Robert looks at it as reasonable thing as it helps one come up with rational decisions (p.2-3). Critical thinking is important in my education in that it helps me come to a decision of knowing what to and what not to believe in. It does help an individual separate the facts from fiction. It also helps one in deciding what to do. By so doing one scratches his or her head in trying to figure out the means and how well to go about it in achieving the end.

Critical thinking releases knowledge by one thinking critically he or she is able to solve jargon by reflecting on the solution and method of attaining it.

In conclusion Psychology has become part of our every day life as we go about our businesses and as we encounter problems .By thinking critically and deeply we in one way or another come to a solution or an alternative to the same.


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