Free What Psychosocial Development Is Essay Sample

Newman and Newman (167) define psychosocial development as a process through which a person’s maturity level, mind, and emotions develop during their lifetime. The speed of psychosocial development varies from one individual to another depending on environmental interactions and biological processes (Bernstein 361). Therefore, the psychosocial development of infants will depend on the inherited traits as well as on the environment in which their parents or guardians bring them up (Newman and Newman 173). Research has shown that there is a significant difference in the psychosocial development of infants in daycare from the psychosocial development of infants at home.  

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A prolonged enrollment in a daycare weakens the bond between the infant and her mother while the mother-infant bond is exceptionally strong at home (Bernstein 364). Infants in a daycare experiences decreased social interaction and low levels of cooperation than infants at home. Research has shown that infants in a daycare are more willing to learn as compared to those infants at home (Newman and Newman 175). Therefore, parents should decide on the best environment in which to bring up their children for a significant psychosocial development. They should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both a daycare and at home.   

The prolonged enrollment in a daycare decreases the social interaction of the children, reduces their motivation toward studies, and lowers the levels of cooperation. In a daycare, infants show consistent signs of marred emotional relations in various situations (Bernstein 367). At home, the child exhibits increased social interaction and high levels of cooperation because he or she is familiar with the parents and siblings. Therefore, the mother-child bond weakens following a prolonged enrollment in a daycare. It is necessary to reinforce the parental relationships by bringing up the infant at home (Bernstein 369). However, in a daycare, children show increased linguistic skills and the overall academic performance because they develop behavioral patterns that lead to better study habits. 


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