Free Business Ethics Reflective Journal Essay Sample

Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) refers to a learning approach which involves use of investigations and questions on a situation or a phenomenon in a structured and methodological manner in order to have a better understanding of it. It is based on models of processing information. Enquiry based learning approach allows the learner to discover the meaning and relevance of information through a series of steps that lead to reflective conclusions from the newly attained knowledge. In EBL and seminar based learning approaches, the learners take the responsibility for seeking evidence and analyzing their knowledge for the purpose of making implicit reasoning.

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In my opinion, enquiry based learning and seminar based learning approaches would be of great benefit to me because the approaches would facilitate discovery of the meaning, relevance and application of various types of information related to a given phenomenon. Through its series of learning steps, I would be able to interlink information generated, and hence make reflective conclusions based on the acquired information.

Enquiry based learning approach also allows detailed investigation of a phenomenon or a problem as well as gathering of important information that would assist in decision making processes. Through EBL discussions, I would be able to analyze information and make reflective conclusions and sound decisions based on the information gathered. EBL is collaborative in nature, thereby encouraging team work, and thus skills are generated from different persons who have varying backgrounds of expertise. EBL also facilitates cooperative learning. It enables a group of persons to learn together.

Furthermore, EBL facilitates and eases learning in new environments. It also encourages the use of technology in learning, thereby enabling learners to generate as many ideas as possible. It helps in solving complex problems that would not be otherwise solved by a single individual. Through constant search for truth, information and knowledge, the learner is able to fully apprehend the phenomenon or problem at hand. Moreover, because the leaner is involved, he/she does not easily forget what has been learned. EBL instills experience into the leaner.

In my opinion, EBL and seminar based learning approaches would be beneficial because they both involve the learners, and thus the learning process is more effective as compared to “teach and listen” approach. Additionally, the learner has more responsibilities in the learning process. For example, he/she has to identify adequate resources which would help him/her fill the gap of information and knowledge deficiencies.

Seminar based learning also allows the learners to get various information from different people with different professional backgrounds. It enables them to obtain as much information and knowledge as possible from various sources.

In my opinion, it is useful to understand moral and ethics through exploring beyond business as usual approach because it enables one to fully comprehend the various forces that operate inside and outside the business environment, and their respective impacts on the organization. Through such understanding, a person is able to make sound decisions on how to deal with these factors. For example, through understanding a change in culture within a society, a marketing manager will be able to develop and market products that are in line with such cultural changes.

The benefits of such an approach include increased ability of the organization to meet customers’ needs, reduced conflicts between the organization and the society or law enforcement agencies, proper utilization of scarce resources as well as corporate social responsibility. Understanding business morals and ethics enables an organization to operate harmoniously in the society, and hence be capable of meeting customer and societal expectations.

Personally, I would exercise my values and moral principles within the organization because it would help me create a good personal image. For example, a good personal image would be acquired since honesty leads to trustworthiness whereas justice facilitates equitable treatment of people. It will also help reduce conflicts within the organization, provide proper guidelines on an individual’s behaviors and conducts as well as increase levels of responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions.

In addition, exercising value and moral ethics in an organization would act as a motivational tool within the organization. This is because employees would act accordingly and be responsible persons. They would tend to do only those things that would be beneficial to the organization as a whole. Their actions will not be self-centered or ego-oriented.


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