Free Globalization and Cultural Consumer Behavior Essay Sample

Even though the slogan “think global while acting local” has a significant appeal, it is rather misleading. Usually this idea is used in terms of environmental factors. However, it can also be used in regard to economic issues. It signifies a globally harsh representation of international trade while supporting friendly interventions of the government. The ideas and the slogans originate from issues that are genuine with the understanding that anyone who supports the control of economy and environment by the government, thinks that there will be a conflict of interest in a society, which is free and focuses on individual’s interest pursuit. Conflicts often arise when there is individual pursuit of interest. The very idea is not sustainable not only in the issues relating to economics, but to environmental too. The notion of acting local not only promotes timidness among the people, but is also small minded. In recent times, the  human actions have been greatly globalized through the market system to a point that even global thinking is pernicious if not irrelevant. The notion the slogan offers is simply a thought that is wishful, mediocre and utopian in nature.

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America, where i come from, has a low context communication culture, because most of the people exhibit the attributes in their communication patterns discussed below. Many people prioritize time management, and there is no real commitment placed on relationships. Instead, people value their professions over relationship. Due to this there is no real connection between the people in the society and, therefore, there are no bonds or loyalty between the people. In the American culture there is an open grouping and flexibility that allows change at any time. In addition, many Americans mostly use external, visible and outward reactions to express their emotions, which are attributes found in low-context cultures. Most of people also resort to using verbal communication, as compared to body language, as a mode of communication and the society also has a tendency of blaming others for their failures. There is a practice of outer locus  form of control within the society. Lastly, Americans use clear and simple messages while communicating, which means that chances of being misunderstood are minimal. Analyzing my own form of communication pattern according to Hall’s theory it is of low context, since I agree with wiith most of the attributes that he pointed out.

Analysis of the dimensions in the American national culture reveal that the power distance within the country is low. This is due to the focus on the equal rights within all sectors of government and society. Individualism is high in the county’s culture, which projects a society that has members caring only about their own families and interests, making it a very loosely knit society. However, when it comes to seeking out information, Americans are not shy to approach the relevant counterparts. Regarding the aspect of femininity and masculinity, the score is high and analysis indicates that America is a masculine society as exhibited at schools and workplaces. In terms of avoidance of uncertainty, American society is seen as one that accepts the uncertainty. This is shown in areas of embracing new ideas, technology, foodstuff or business practices, since there isfreedom of expression and they tend to be accepting new things. The country has a short-term orientation culture, and this symbolizes that the businesses develop strategies based on short-term goals. In my own view, America 91 score is correct and the one that best describes the county’s culture of individualistic nature, which is commonly displayed within the society.

Levitt in his article argues that it is possible to standardize marketing across cultures mainly due to the fact that transportation, communication and traveling have been proletarianized by the new technologies. He states that this change created a new reality for commercial markets and promoted the standardizing of customer products at cheaper prices while supporting global markets, which was attributed to economies of scale. He uses companies like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Kellogg as examples while stressing on the point that the future relied on global corporations that did not focus on local differences, as compared to multinational corporations. This argument revolutionized marketing while reshaping globalization debate mainly on the subject of strategic advertising of globally sold products. His predictions, however, never came to pass.

Mooiji claims that consumers are unique, and their differences in behavior are evident across the many countries. There are cultural values, which are reflected in the consumption, which most often tend to diverge instead of converge in nature. In addition, since all behavioral aspects portrayed by the consumers are bound by culture, as compared to environmental factors, behaviors create a necessity for understanding the impact and integration of advertising and marketing.

An example of consumer convergent and divergent behavior is in the aspect of converging of technology, media and income, which causes a homogenous attributes in the consumers. Another example is the national wealth convergence, however, this attribute exhibits different behaviors of the consumers across the world, which are permanent. Another example is the promotion of a global teenager by implying that all teenagers, regardless of where they come from, have similar attributes and values. This notion is presented by the increased travelling, global communication, cross border music channels like MTV; all these factors influence consumer behavior and lead to convergence and divergence on the same products on a global scale.


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