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Currently, marijuana is one of the leading illegal drugs that are frequently abused in America. The name marijuana is a Mexican slang word that emerged popularality in 1930 since it was used in the past as medicinal plant. Marijuana is extracted from cannabis plant and it's known to have variety of colors that range from green, brown or even gray mixture and it's prepared by drying the flowering tops and also leaves. The effectiveness of marijuana is determined by part of the plant that is used to make the drug, several slang's have been used to illustrate the term marijuana. However the commonly known street names include weed, pot, Mary Jane, gangster and many more. Even if Marijuana has some medical usage, it should be prohibited to prevent the fatal effects of the drug.

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They are numerous diverse ways of consuming marijuana that drug abusers are conversant these includes smoking, eating and also drinking. Smoking is termed as the fastest way of consuming the drug into the system though it's known to have the least impact when consumed in the system. Marijuana is smoked in various ways by using joint, a blunt, a pipe or even a bong but most individuals prefer to use joints which is referred as marijuana cigarette because it's easily prepared by putting marijuana inside a paper and it's molded into cigarette shape before its ready for use.

A pipe is the most effective way of smoking marijuana in addition to that it's smoked in the same manner as the tobacco .A blunt is known as tobacco cigar that contains tobacco frayed out of it and marijuana is used in its place though it's smoked in a same manner. Bong method is used by putting marijuana inside a bowl then its lit the smoke is cooled and purified by water as it passes through the tube.

An individual who ingests marijuana by eating he is not required to ingest raw grass only instead he is supposed to warm it in order to stimulate some substances like cannobinoids to be active. Marijuana is utilized in similar manner as butter but when an individual intends to prepare a mixture of both substances the ratio must be equivalent about one eighth section of marijuana against one stick of butter.

Most types of marijuana affects peoples mind  since  several contains delta -9-tetrahydrocannabis although its  impacts mostly depends on  strength of it's  active substance known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabis. This is categorized in the class of less powerful hallucinogen. Different individuals experience contrasting short lived impacts of marijuana this not only depends on the mood but also the environment they thrive in. Individuals who abuse marijuana at all times experience a stress-free world that why at all time they are in laughter since they are carefree .The drug may have antagonistic response especially when   someone gets into dreamy state a situation where a person has high flow rate of opinions which causes mood swings and this can lead to a situation where most people experience depression, fear and also tension.

Individual who are taking marijuana frequently experience a pleasurable feeling due to the effects of the drug especially when their combined with other varieties of drugs or even alcohol. Several individuals experience nothing after smoking marijuana although increased intake cause short-lived impact which leads to memory blackout incordination and also poor judgment until the levels in system decreases.

The smokers of marijuana have their heart beat rate higher than normal and also have increased eating habits which are extraordinary. Marijuana takes about two to five hours before it's cleared out of the system but when ingested by drinking or eating it can last for even twelve hours.  Marijuana has detrimental impact when it's consumed for long duration but active ingredient tetrahydrocannabis is the cause of numerous types of cancers. Marijuana contain similar agents as those found in tobacco smoke  that's why it's known to be the cause cancer in human .When an individual consumes five joints per day  there likely to experience similar effects like  a person  who has  consumed a full packet of cigarette. Other known effect of consuming marijuana is that it's the main cause respiratory diseases like pneumonia which weakens the respiratory system. Marijuana abusers are frequently attacked by coughs, wheezing and also chest colds. Marijuana has enduring effect on immune system by destroying the cells and tissue. The prolonged usage of marijuana encourages the use of other drugs such as heroin and cocaine which have adverse effects of addiction. Although marijuana has unsolved issue concerning its negative affect on human the drugs it's not known to be cause of any death. 

An extremely contentious matter is rampant in United States it has been debated on whether to permit the use marijuana drug for medical purposes .The United States law   declared marijuana as one restricted substance in 1970 but smoked form was prohibited in the medical section. The pills extracted from marijuana contain tetrahydrocannabis which is an active ingredient that cures cancer patient who are throwing up and also experiencing nausea and in addition to that it's useful AIDS casualties in retaining their body weight. Marijuana is useful in curing glaucoma and it also relieves migraine headaches but the thought permitting use of marijuana for medication bears both advantages and disadvantages although this is a contentious matter.

However, unlike other drugs marijuana is cheap and also readily available the best quality goes for about $15 dollars in the market .The other drugs are estimated to cost between $60 and $120 dollars and this varies both in quality and strain. However not all types marijuana are cheap like hydroponically reared type is expensive it ranges between $2000 and $3000 dollars for every pounce.

Marijuana is confused with hashish but hashish is derived from resin which is obtained from the upper parts marijuana plant such as flower clusters and upper leaves. Hashish is obtained from resin after its concentrated its described as  potent derivative that contains  vigorous ingredient which is also found in marijuana  the price of hashish is estimated to be about $15 dollars for every gram although its not as bulky as  marijuana. The most commonly methods of ingesting hashish is either by smoking or eating .The glass hash pipe is the frequently used type of pipe by smokers though its similar to  ordinary pipe it has  unique feature   where heat   applied in the bottom of the bowl. Hashish produces harmful toxins although it leaves same effect as marijuana in several occasions it causes euphoria that's why its usage is prohibited in United States.

It is of essential significance that human beings have and will inexorably continue having potentially dangerous drugs like marijuana at their disposal, which they can either use appropriately or abuse, and that neither the accessibility of such drugs nor the temptation to abuse them can be eradicated.  As a result, the elementary goal of modern-drug abuse program should assist youths and public at large in understanding drugs like marijuana and how to cope with their usage within the context of everyday life. An approach that emphasizes on suppressing such drugs will just contribute to nationwide problems.  There is an urgent requirement for effective non-governmental towards a more reasoned approach to drug abuse in America. There is a void which I believe can be filled by creating a New Abuse Council. In my best judgment, the Council could effectively exert this leadership and could have a considerable and beneficial impact on drug abuse such as marijuana in this State.


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