Free American History 1750-1880 Essay Sample

American history since 1750 to 1880 is varied and rich. It involves a lot of issues and concerns that revolve around historical topics and happenings. In line with this, the election of 1860, Army and Navy as means of violence in expansion as well as War against Mexico and the Making of an American Empire are historically evaluated. These are very rich historical topics and subjects.

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War against Mexico and the Making of an American Empire

The Mexican-American war, which is also known as the primary Mexican intercession, is what was referred to as an armed divergence between United States of America and Mexico. This conflict took place between 1846 and 1848 (Smith, 2005, Pp. 23- 26). This took place in the 1845 wake of the USA annexation of Texas because Mexico considered Texas its part despite the 1836 revolution of the Texas boundaries and locale. In the event, the American forces did invade New Mexico and  California as well as some parts of Northern Mexico and put in place a blockade that was supposed to influence Mexico towards accepting the cession of its northern territories to the USA. However, Mexico agreed to the Rio Grande border and accepted to loose Texas in exchange of 18 million US dollars and the forgiving of the debt that Mexico owned the US citizens. In addition, the war aftermath raised issues related to slavery and this was followed by intense debates which all pointed to the past civil war between 1846 and 1848.

The Army and Navy as means of violence in expansion

The army was used by the United States to put in pace the blockades that were supposed to ensure that Mexico agreed to the cession of Texas, New Mexico and other states that America was targeting for its expansion. Before his was accomplished, the Mexican forces did resist the move and the conflicting interest led to the civil war between USA and Mexico. Thus, the Army and the other disciplined forces in such cases are a means through which expansion of violence is instigated against the will of the citizens.  These forces are used by the holders of power to harass and harm the general public who are against capitalism and sectionalism for the purpose of national economics. It is a form of violence in expansion that does cause harm to the unarmed civilians due to power cravings and leadership.

The American Army invasion of Mexican states led to the commencement of civil war which resulted to slavery and other unfavorable issues until the 1860n presidential election to put in place an impetus to the concerns. Thus, Army and the navy are a means to violence in expansion.

Election of 1860

In November 1860, United States went into presidential elections. This was a quadrennial determination that sought to have a new American president in place and an Impetus for the civil war outburst.  In 1850s, the United States of America has a country had been subdivided based on issues that surrounded the quick growth and expansion of slavery and the slaves rights to their owners (Katcher & Volstad, 1991, Pp. 24 -25).

Thus, the 1860 election was a relief to the lasting solution which to an extent ended slavery. The conflict of the regional interest led to the split of the Democratic Party making it quite simple for the Republican Party to have Abraham Lincoln in the Whitehouse despite very little support to him from the southern states.

The origin of the American Civil war was linked to the concerns of slavery and contending understandings of federalism, the party policy and expansion of USA as well as sectional advocating and quest for growth. This was an addition to tariffs and the state money matters. The issues that were surrounding slavery came up in the new territories after the American Civil war and it resulted to Compromise of 1850 which was able to avert an immediate political crisis but it was not able to offer a solution to the slave power issue which involved the slave owner’s power to take control of the general leadership.  Thus, the 1860 United States of America presidential elections were meant to have a president in place that would heal the political turmoil and address issues related to slavery and the expansion of the United States of America. 


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