Free Application Programming Interface Essay Sample

Online internet business companies rely on web services to their customers. These companies require the web tools to make their services easier for their customers through Application Programming Interface. By use of these APIs companies foster innovations and reach their customers through new and advance channels. APIs allow the other developers to integrate their own applications to access the important data and other web services.

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Application programming interfaces are contrasted with command interface and GUIs. An API named Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) developed by JAVASOFT enables the programmer to execute the Standard Query Languages SQL. JDBC allows the programmer to access the Relational Database Management like Oracle and SQL etc.

With the launch of these APIs internet based companies facilitate their partners to create the applications to attract the customers with new ways. APIs have opened the new ways for developers to create the added-value applications. E-Commerce business is mainly relying on these APIs based applications by making the buying and selling process more easily for the customers. These APIs based applications are adopted by E-Commerce companies to search new distribution channels to enhance the market research for their internet business. Data disposal and data collection about customer?s shopping behavior is also handled by these APIs. These APIs prove to be right when only customer?s interested data is shown and other countless actions are performed to render the best research.

What is procedure of these APIs to interact the data? These APIs intercept the database requests from the relevant application and surpass them to relational database system from the SQL server/ Oracle. Information about Vendors products are integrated with public APIs which give access to other developers to program new database applications, which create a new channel through associates.

In this paper APIs are discussed with perspectives of their purposes and services. How the customers feel easy to use these APIs integrated applications for data retrieval. Online business is totally linked through these APIs.


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