Free Aramark Company Essay Sample

Aramark Company was started as a mere small business by one Davre Davidson in the year 1936. The company deals with different aspects in various fields like food services among others. It was later developed into a big company up to now. The company now has various   capabilities and resources given to its employees in order to protect them and increase their locality.  For instance, through their expanded professional offering services, they started healthcare programs and this benefits their employees as they care able to get medical services, dental and more related services (Nicholas, 2010).

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Its expanded capabilities through entering countries like Ireland and Chile and extending its investment to Japan and Korea, it was able to complete selling childcare division in order to improve its focus on growth opportunities in its businesses, core food and other facilities. This means that the company is able to support and assist its employees (Nicholas, 2010).

Through the company's life insurance program, the employees and their whole family are able to be protected and their finance protected too. There is also compensation package whereby the company's workers are compensated and this improves the employee's loyalty a lot.  There are also other benefits such as retirement savings and income for disability (Rousseau, 1996).

With air travel and record attendance boom at sports events, the company was able to enter the leisure services market in the mid 1960s. This enabled it to take its operations internationally and was selected to serve millions of athletes in Mexico. Therefore its employees' leisure activities are paid for. The company also improves its workers' locality by paying for their vacations and holidays (Nicholas, 2010). This improves the employee's personal well being and socialization skill.  It also gives the employees opportunities to do what they can perform best and therefore they are able to improve and advance their career. This opportunity also helps the workers to specialize in specific fields they can do best and be able to deliver quality services to the company's clients (Nicholas, 2010).

In the past the company did its business in different ways. In the past the, the business vision was to install vending machines in offices and factories that they had never been. By then it was a private business until it was taken to be public when it was referred to as Automatic Retailers of America. By then they had not ventured into partnership and their revenue was just 39 million dollars. By then the company had not entered and expanded its operations (Rousseau, 1996).

Currently, the company has expanded its operations and entered partnership widely and even its leadership has changed. For instance, it entered the career industry and the uniform rental work. This was done to increase the employees' morale and to distinguish them from their competitors. The company also entered the child arena program. It is because of its unlimited partnering that led to its change of name from ARA to ARAMARK IN 1994. The company has further developed its facilities and uniform career apparel capabilities by various key acquisitions and boosted its revenues to 6.7 billion. It already acquired its most significant acquisition which is the Service Master Management. This expanded its facility service capabilities that rivaled longstanding competitors in food service and uniform career apparel (Rousseau, 1996).

The company returned to New York Stock Exchange as private after seventeen years.  During its public offerings it had expanded its professional serves in strategic acquisitions in the food service arena, conference centre, healthcare services and uniform services. It expanded its overseas capabilities by entering Chile and Ireland and going ahead to invest in Japan and Korea (Reynolds, 1998).

T he company has since developed and increased its strategies in business in many ways among those that have been mentioned. Aramarks growth stratagem went ahead to the millennium. While in the midst of stiff competition, tight labor markets, and rising markets, the company saw the need for strategic partnership alliances. And later in 2000, the company acquired food and concession services as well as entertainment concession (Nicholas, 2010). The company also expanded to the international market through joint venture with Campbell Bewley Group one of the largest companies in Ireland that offers largest food services.

It therefore important to note that the company is also determined in excelling in areas that are of their client's interest such as: product range, through its services since the company realized that logistic reliability is a major factor in the business, innovation is another issue of concern, and finally the geographical presence (Paul, 1998).


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