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Sample size is the number of items to provide information on what is being investigated and it is gotten obtained from selected few in the whole population. The sample size in this case was more than 8000 employees, 1800 physicians and 350 non physician clinical professionals but the total population is 1.2 million people. The sample size was picked from five acute care hospitals, two rehabilitation hospitals, mobile intensive care unit, fitness center, multiple ambulatory sites and the physician owned practices.

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The method used in conducting research was simulation method. It consists of a number of procedures which are executed in a sequential manner. It is systematic and computer is used to analyze the data collected. Its pros include: it can handle large amounts information at the same time, it is systematic, information cannot be manipulated to suit ones needs and it provides accurate and consistent results. The cons of this method include: time consuming (input data identification, analyzing and validation takes one third of the whole project time), inefficient data collection, lengthy model documentation, and excessive model details which are complex.

The research used graphical method for calculation where values are averaged and plotted on a graph against time. The method makes sense when used because it is consistent and it is regarded by many people to be a warm up period because it follows all the rules and regulations set. This method is appropriate because it can provide current state of the system which is objective and reliable.

It is also appropriate because it uses all the information collected hence a conclusion can be made. The LOS parameter or values are plotted against time where they stabilize and lie parallel to the time axis. The work supports the hypothesis because the information collected is accurate and provides reliable tentative results. It supports hypothesis because its results allows the team to make or draw several conclusions based on the current state model and future states situations or scenarios.


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