Free Business Case Study Essay Sample

Case Study is a way by which researches are made on the activities of a group of persons with the intention of finding out some loop holes that needs to be filled. A case study is usually best conducted by a group of people rather than by an individual. It could be a team or a company. The aim of a case study research is of a productive and constructive type. This aim should usually be targeted on ensuring the progress of the activities of such business or organization that is be studied. A case study of our interest in this write up is a business case study. Therefore we should base our discussion on this business case study basically on the aspect of profits and losses by the company involved. The company we will talk about their case study is "Lift All Investment". This is a company involved as the name implies lifting all big goods and services and transporting them to the required destination by their clients. We will talk on this case study with the following sub-topics:

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1.     An introduction to this company.   

2.     The Design and Organization Level of this company.

3.     The Business Ethics Level of this company.

4.     The Business Strategy level of this company.

5.     The Economic Level of this company.

6.     The Risk Management Level of this company.

We will then proceed to evaluate these sub-topics with the following Lines.

An Introduction to this Company

This is a government registered company whose scope of activities is limited within the country. The employed people are citizens of the country. This company virtually does not have any affiliation with any foreign company and also has no affiliation with any international company as well. The owner of the company is a citizen of this country and resides in this country as well. The owner is as well the Director and controls single handedly the affairs of this company.

The design and organization Level of this company.

This is a company that has a single man as the controller of affairs. As a result of this situation and according to results of the interviews of workers and the clients, client's report, survey reports and observation, one could say that there are some challenges in this sector. At times there are some urgent decisions that should be made on an agreement between this company and the clients which could not be made because the owner cannot be reached. The owner of the company has set up plans on the delegation of duties so as to avoid this problem.

The Business Ethics Level of this company

The Ethical level of this Company is well under question. There are issues of non-delivery and late-delivery of paid services and cases of breakages to these transported items. Some of the clients through some surveys carried out and through mystery client reports made mention of this. Processes were set-up by this company to tackle this case basically through the disciplinary actions on workers.

The Business Strategy level of this company

Their business strategy level is an outstanding one that needs to be emulated. These great business strategies can be seen from the advertisement strategies on newspapers and television, to discounts given by this company from time to time, and to promotions and well planned approaches towards reaching cooperative agreements with other big companies. This is a company with a well-planned business strategy as even their project reports and projects documents portray this fact fully well.

The Economic level of this company

There is a good economic level of the company as they maintain the supply of their services and balanced nature of financial management. The company's capital was through a bank loan which they have been able to pay 50% of it within two years of starting business. According to their project reports, interviews, project documents and observations, there is a regular planned payment made by this company for the collected bank loan.

The Risk Management Level of this company

The risk management level is on the high level. This is a company that been insured by an insurance provider company. All the employees each have health insurance. There are savings made by this company towards the unexpected incidences. This information was gotten from the case report.


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