Free Heart Disease Statistics Comparison Essay Sample

This paper is based on the comparison of two research articles which cover the topic Hypertension and Heart Disease.

This article is composed of heart disease and stroke statistics. The article starts by reviewing the statistics involved. The first section of this article describes the most important sources used. All the statistics are based on prevalence and incidence. Prevalence refers to the estimate of how many individuals carry a given disease at a given time. The Government carries out health examination surveys. These surveys are used in calculating rates for specific disease. The rates are then implemented for several years until a new survey is done and new rates are established. While on the other hand incidence refers to the number of new cases of a given disease that ventures in a population in a period of one year.

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The basic research method used in this article is survey method. At most it is seen that the Government carries out health examination surveys to collect data. This data is utilized in the calculation of rates for specific disease.

The study is focused towards heart disease and stroke statistics and how far the incident goes in the present society. For instance, the Government health examination surveys clearly indicate that this article is oriented towards heart disease and measures to eradicate or reduce them in a given population and in a given period of time. Furthermore, keen interest is taken on risk factors accruing due to heart disease and stroke on the general population.

The article is aimed at the general public. It is clearly seen that, surveys conducted by different organizations as an outline in this article, includes people depending on their gender and clinical outcome.

The article has a significant impact on the future health care delivery, in that it gives estimates of the encounters made o n heart disease and stroke. The rates which are obtained during different surveys are successfully utilized to outline ways which are to be followed in order to reduce the impact of heart disease and stroke.

This article is based on Hypertension, hypertensive heart disease and perioperative cardiac risk. The article reviews the evidence for an association between hypertensive disease, elevated admission and perioperative cardiac outcome. In general the article touches on the importance of hypertension, the classification of hypertension, hypertensive disease and anaesthesia among others.

This article has its research based on the content of the subject in question. Topics on the concerned issue are discussed in depth.

The study is focused on giving a detailed discussion of various issues concerned with hypertension and heart disease. Throughout the study different topics are discussed on the basis of significance.

Article one (

Article two (

·         Both articles talk on hypertension and heart disease.

·         Both articles target the general public.

·         Both studies tend to deepen the discussion on the main topic.

·         It is based on statistics, which are conducted via surveys e.g. health examination surveys carried out by different organizations which are used in calculation of rates of specific disease.

·         Themes are discussed in point form.

·         It is based on content analysis, considering each concerned scenario e.g. when discussing the importance of hypertension, the study goes into discussing each and every detailed information.

·         Themes are discussed in continuous prose.

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This paper is based on the topic of Hypertension and Heart disease. This topic is of great importance in the present moment in health care delivery. At this very moment in the US, hypertension and heart disease holds a leading percentage of the deaths occurring around the country. It is known by almost each educated person that high blood pressure is a risk factor for heart attacks and strokes, but most us do not know as to why it is termed as a risk factor. Thus, through this study one can successfully learn more about the concerned issue.

These studies help individuals to understand and appreciate the need of them knowing their blood pressure levels. People are urged to have their blood pressure checked by specialist. After a proper review of these studies an individual will be in a position to seek for medical checkup.

Through this study the public is alerted on the current issues concerning hypertension and heart disease. For instance, from the article (, there is a proper display of risk factors. Such as data from the year two thousand and three, BRFSS study of adults age eighteen and older showed the prevalence of respondents reporting two or more risk factors for heart disease and stroke increased among successive age groups.

We come to appreciate the importance of hypertension detailed. We see the association between elevated arterial pressure and cardiovascular disease is established and well known to doctors and the general public. The risk of cardiovascular events in the general population increases steadily with increases in arterial pressure. The individuals at greatest risk of suffering a cardiovascular event because of hypertension are those with the highest arterial pressures. However, mild to moderate hypertension is more common than severe hypertension, and much of the population burden of disease because of hypertension may be attributed to moderate rather than severe hypertension.

Different organizations including the Government do fund the content in the studies. For instance the cost of cardiovascular diseases and stroke in the UnitedStates for 2006 is estimated at $403.1 billion. This figureincludes health expenditures (direct costs, which include thecost of physicians and other professionals, hospital and nursinghome services, the cost of medications, home health care andother medical durables) and lost productivity resulting frommorbidity and mortality (indirect costs).

These studies provide a large display of information concerning hypertension and heart disease. The information provided has a direct impact on the public. The public is able to understand and appreciate the need of regular checkup by specialist, in order to decrease mortality rates.


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