Free Conservation Heroes: Irwin vs Goodall" Essay Sample

The term hero is useful in referring to a person who attracts great admiration from many people across various cultures and backgrounds due to what he does or what he did in the past. Moreover, one can become a hero if he is the main male character in a movie, play or a story. Evidently, a hero is a person who brings change in the world. For instance, Steve Irwin is admired in the world for making wildlife documentaries like "Crocodile Hunter. In the documentary, Irwin shows the world the importance of wildlife conservation especially the conservation of crocodiles. Another hero is Jane Goodall, a lead researcher in family interactions of wild Chimpanzees. Goodall studied the social interactions and family lives of the chimpanzees in Tanzania and Kenya. Notably, Goodall attracted admiration from the people by campaigning against the use of chimpanzees for research and food. Therefore, the paper examines how Irwin and Goodall became heroes and similarities and difference between Irwin sand Goodall.

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It is worth noting that Irwin grows under the care of parents who are conservationists. For instance, Irwin's father is a wild expert who finds pleasure in conserving animals. Notably, Irwin points out that his father is an expert in wildlife conservation, particularly in herpetology. Moreover, Irwin's mother was interested in rehabilitating various wild animals. Additionally, Irwin's mother, Lyn rehabilitated reptiles in Reptile and Fauna Park. As a result, Irwin would grow up around crocodiles because the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park was at his parents' homestead. According to Wulff, Irwin did begin interacting with crocodiles at the age of nine years. For instance, Irwin got involved in feeding the crocodiles and other reptiles at the Queensland Reptiles and Fauna Park. At the age of nine, Irwin would wrestle a crocodile, under the supervision of his father. Moreover, Irwin did volunteer to work at Queensland East Cost Crocodile management program where he did capture about a hundred crocodiles.

The crocodiles from the east coast crocodile management program were housed at family parks. Consequently, Irwin would take up the management of the program and later rename it to Australia Zoo in 1992. Therefore, Irwin's early exposure to crocodiles would influence his decision to engage in conservation of crocodiles. Irwin would become a hero through his documentaries where she showed his interactions with the crocodiles that even after his death the whole of Australia was grieved. Thus, Irwin followed the footsteps of his parents to become an expert in the conservation of crocodiles. Interestingly, Irwin did not seem to fear crocodiles and he capture the crocodiles alive and later conserve them at his park. Irwin became a hero and an advocate for conserving the deadly crocodiles because of his early exposure to crocodiles by his parents. It is the reptile romance from his parents that led Irwin to become a hero. Irwin's documentaries found their way into the United States making viewers admire the importance of conservation and as  such Irwin became a hero as Roman, points out

Jane Goodall is admired for being a champion campaigner against the use of use of chimpanzees for food and research. According to Meikle, Goodall cautions international researchers against using chimps for laboratory tests. She started her work by studying the social interactions of the chimpanzees in Gombe Stream National Park.  According to David, Goodall discovered that chimpanzees are capable of rational thought, have personality and experience emotional feelings of joy and sorrow. Moreover, Goodall observed that affectionate behaviors such as tickling, pats on the back as well as hugs are common among the chimpanzees. Such behaviors are known to be human actions, but Goodall insists that chimpanzees depict human behaviors and relations. Notably, the affectionate behaviors are directed towards family members in the life of chimpanzees. The social relationships among the chimpanzees have similarities with the social relationships of human beings. Having understood the nature and social relationships of the chimps, Goodall became an activist for the rights of the chimpanzees. For instance, as the president of the Advocates for Animals, Goodall pointed out that chimpanzees are intelligent that most people think. Consequently, Goodall would call for respect of the chimps by all people all over the world. For example, Goodall makes it clear that chimps are just like human beings who have their individuality just like human beings. She continues and says that chimps need respect and help from human beings. Additionally, Goodall cautions her audience against the hunting of chimpanzees for meat and other commercial purposes. For instance, Goodall is against the shooting of chimpanzees and monkeys for food in Congo forest. In her lecture, "Reason for Hope" at the University of San Diego in 2008, Goodall cautions against the capturing of chimpanzees for research and commercial purposes. Therefore, Goodall became a hero in championing the rights of the chimpanzees after she undertook several observations of the relationships of the chimpanzees at Gombe National Park, Tanzania. According to Malnor, Goodall is recognized the world over as a champion for wild chimpanzees and, therefore a hero.

It is possible to establish the similarities in the works of Steve Irwin and Jane Goodall. For instance, both Irwin and Goodall have a special interest in the conservation of animals. Irwin has interests in conserving crocodiles while Goodall has an interest in conservation of Chimpanzees. Additionally, both Irwin and Goodall become heroes by visiting animals in their living hoods. For instance, Irwin went through the deep waters to hunt for crocodiles and show the world the importance of establishing a relationship with crocodiles. Similarly, Goodall engaged in the study of the social interactions of chimpanzees at Gombe National Park in Tanzania. Regarding the differences, it is worth noting that Irwin does not study the social relationships of the crocodiles to make his documentaries. On the other hand, Goodall studied the social relationships of the Chimpanzees before she started advocating for the conservation of the chimpanzees. Moreover, Irwin captured crocodiles and domesticated them for tourist attraction. On the contrary, Goodall is against the capturing of chimpanzees for research. For instance, Goodall cautioned against the capturing of chimpanzees using snares in Bundogo. Furthermore, Goodall advocates for the conservation of animals suing books but Irwin uses documentaries to tell the world the story of the crocodiles.

To sum, it is noteworthy that a hero is a person who is admired by people world over. Additionally, Irwin and Goodall are heroes of their own in that they engage in activities of wildlife conservation. Moreover, the early exposure of Irwin to crocodiles motivates him to be a hero who uses documentaries to advocate for conservation of the endangered animals. Jane Goodall becomes a hero as a result of her research in social relationships of the chimpanzees. Evidently, Irwin and Goodall have similarities in that both advocate for the conservation of wild animals. However, Irwin and Goodall depict differences in that Goodall studies the social behaviors of the chimpanzees while Irwin does not study the crocodiles.


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