Free Workplace Diversity Importance Challenges Essay Sample

At this point in time, there has been evident demand for the need for diversity in various aspects of every organization. In this paper, the research will look into the importance of having diverse groups of people in an organization. This diversity is looked into in terms of racial differences, gender differences and religious differences (Stockdale & Crosby, 2004). The challenges posed by the presence of diverse work force in the organization have also been analyzed.

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Diversity is a term which is used to refer to the action of admitting, accepting, accommodating, and putting high value on various kinds of differences that are there among people in the society. These differences vary fro that of age, rank, way of life, gender, bodily ability, intellectual capability, race, sexual differences and personal relations.

Work place diversity has been an issue that has raised a lot of concerns. Its main focus is on the similarities and differences that are there in the organization. Most of these differences arise due to the presence of people of different ages, races, religion and traditions that are found in an organization. It is mostly described to include various dimensions that have an impact on the identity and point of views of various individuals in the work place (Powell, 1994). Most of these issues touch on: professionalism, training, parental guidance and the background of individuals.

Diversity is a term that is all inclusive. It is sometimes seen to be similar to other organizations that are formed to fight, so as to alleviate any form of racism, which is in existence in the society.  This is mainly because, it is geared towards the creation of a work environment; where employees will not feel that there is any form of injustice done based on the differences that one has as compared to other people in the organization (Shakhray, 2009).

The current technological changes that are in the world require the need for diversity. There is a need for people from various backgrounds, ethnic communities, races and religions to work together to ensure success in various fields, in the current world. People today do not live within the confines of a country or those of a certain ethnic group. They are part and parcel of a world's competitive environment where they meet people from all over the continent.

Literature review

According to research in American Sociological Review, the diversity in the work place tells a lot about the amount of sales that a company can make, the levels of customer satisfaction and how much profit a company can make. A sociologist Cedric Herring who studied the effects of diversity in the work place, said that in a certain organization where there are various kinds of diversities found there is always positive results got in the business. He saw that, in the companies where there are high levels of variety in racial lines, it yield 15 times more positive results as compared to the one where this diversity is low or even non-existent.

According to Herring each notable rise in the levels of both gender and racial differences in the company, results in the rise of the sales that the company makes (Johnson, 2010). To him, racial and gender differences in the company are the best determinants of the amounts of sales that the company makes other that the size, the time that the company has been in existence and the work force that the company has put in all its branches. Hence the assumption that the higher the levels of diversity in the company the higher the profits that the company makes. The presence of all other determining factors in an organization and the absence of racial diversity do not yield any good result.

Women in the work place are another major determinant that has led to the need to study the issues of diversity in the work place. In the world today, high percentage of the workforce is made up of women. They participate in the workforce more than their male counterparts. There is a notable increase in the number of families where both the husband and wife are employed and also the number of single mothers who are under employment. The transformation that has occurred shows that, the number of men who are still holding on to the roles as stated in the traditional family structures is less than that of women  who have taken over those roles.

Hirsh a sociologist in Cornell University touched on the issue of women in the work place. She emphasized the effects that gender discrimination in the work place has in society. She found that, after the case that was filed which was against gender bias in the employment sector; together with the impact that various lawful organizations, fighting against any kind of gender disparity in organizations have had, there are less cases of gender disparity reported in the society. Hirsh puts more emphasis on the importance of the organizational factors in encouraging diversity in the organization as compared to the legal factors (Champoux, 2010.

According to the reports in the U.S, there is a notable increase in the number of people who migrate from their countries in search of employment. These groups of people form the highest number of the workforce. The reports also states that, even though the benefits that accrue from the presence of diversity in the work place are notable, the organizations have not been able to set up programs that encourage this form of diversity.

There are various benefits that are attributed to the presence of diversity in the work place. First the presence of diversity in the work place gives room for the availability of resourceful and ground breaking ideas from the diverse work force. The employees who come from the diverse backgrounds bring new ideas to the company. The organization only has a major role of ensuring that these employees are encouraged to give their views and opinions. An effective organization is seen from its ability to encourage training on work place diversity. This is because having an understanding of values and way of life of various cultures brings down the number of obstructers and opens up new ways of understanding and approval.

Diversity is important to both employees and the acquaintances. For the acquaintances their work involves independence but having the ability to value diversity in the work place is vital to increasing productivity and the levels of employee participation in the work place. Diversity in the work place brings down the number of complaints that are there in the organization while at the same time increases market, employment, inventiveness and presentation of the company to the general public (Powell, 1994).

Diversity in the work place also posses various challenges to the management of an organization. Having the ability to manage a varied workforce has a lot other than only being able to acknowledge the presence of various employees in the organization.Negative thoughts and behavior can be a stumbling block to the presence of the diversity in the organization. The main reason behind this is that negative attitudes of the employee's poses danger to the kind of working relationships that is there in the work place and the spirits that the employees had. These negative attitudes should not be used by the managers when employing or retrenching its employees.

Diversity in the work place is the best thing that shows the level of transformation that the world has undergone. It is a reflection of how well a company has adopted to the changes that are occurring in the world. The availability of different work players working together brings a lot of benefits to the company. Being able to value the personality differences within an organization is beneficial to the company as it raises its levels of competitiveness and raises its level of production when compared to other organizations of its kind. In management level diversity encourages the acquaintances ability to provide an environment where there are high levels of safety and equal rights to use the available resources.


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