Free Effects of Divorce on Children Essay Sample

In my research regarding children from the divorced parents, tend to undergo many difficulties in life unlike the ones who enjoy the opportunity of having both parents. Consequently, they need proper care as their problems calls for it. Also in the paper we expound on the problems they experienced, the solutions and a permanent strategy for controlling the effects or repurcussions.

Divorce is the separation of couples who are married and stay together. In many countries the divorced couples usually go for the legal process for divorcing. In these cases, the divorcees tend to move away from each other.  Children are the vulnerable people who pass through the effects of the parents divorcing. They are subjected to the suffering hence as a result they lack the love and care from the parents, unlike the others who always enjoy the support from both parents. (Pruett, 22)

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Effects of divorce to the children

There are negative effects experienced by the children who stay with parents either of whom are a divorced. Firstly, the children may face several transitions especially when the parents have to move from place to place to follow up the divorce case, the children will hence follow suit in that they have to change different schools and their living environment hence they will turn out to be social misfits in many areas (Lewis, 17).

Secondly the children may be bullied from other students especially those who know of what kind of families they come from. This will deny them their freedom of interactions with other students as they fear of being embarrassed how they live with single parents.

Thirdly, the children will face psychological problems since they will tend to believe that their families are dysfunctional. This is because in many communities especially in Africa Divorced families are normally looked down upon because they consider it incomplete as there are no family heads and much of the African protocol is not followed. For example, women are expected to be the housekeepers and of which when they are divorced the protocol ceases to hold hence they are looked upon as the less fortunate (Talbot, 13).

In the United States, children from the divorced marriages are not exceptional, they become anti social since they don't want one of the parents to leave the home. In most cases, children disagree with the divorce because they are so much attached to one of the parents especially the father who definitely has to leave. This leaves them angry at everyone and makes them antisocial to everyone (Angela, 6).

Most of the children in mother-only families tend to face economic constraints since most of such kind of families had their fathers as their breadwinners. This will result too many of them dropping out of school, lower levels of education and many absentee rates in class since there is not enough money to cater for the best education offered (George, 17).The children from these marriages will be affected by juvenile delinquency activities like getting involved in alcohol, drug addiction, and robbery with violence since they don't have enough income from their single parents to cater for their personal luxury.

The children especially adolescents are mostly affected by the separation since they are old enough to understand what is going on yet so young to come over it. They will face health problems as a result of decline in their living standard including their health insurance. These divorce problems will later affect them in the long run as most of them especially the girls will tend to marry earlier than their appropriate age. They will hence get children earlier and hence forth also divorce at an earlier age. This will expose the girls at a greater risk of becoming single mothers as a result of non-marital childbearing or divorce. Most of this children face reject from their fathers this gives them strain economically and stress due because of lack of attention from their fathers. In most cases, fathers do not visit their children and have no contact with them for a long period of time. Lack of the male income becomes even more crucial to the family. Other than the negative effect there are also positive effects on children from divorced marriages.

First the children tend to get peace of mind from their raucous father who was always frenzied upon reaching the house. This gives them the power to be their own rulers. (United States Congress Senate, 7)

The children also tend to be more social with their friends and mothers in most cases, fathers are normally so hard with their children especially the female ones as they have to be at one place without interacting with their neighbors'. This is normally helpful to them as they share important information that their parents will not share with them. The separation now acts as an ok to what was impossible to them when the two parents were together.

Religious perspective on divorce

According to Christians, the Roman Catholic Church in the 10th century, which considers marriage as wholly sacred instituted by God and hence, cannot be dissolved by human action. The people who divorce are always termed to be sinful and need to repent by making it official to everyone. Churches in the world disagree with divorce as a way of life and mostly condemn the divorced couples in most cases. It is termed as a sin and believed to be adultery when you don't repent before engaging in another affair or marriage.

Other possible alternatives which should be considered before divorce

Before divorce the couples should consider the welfare of the children and how they will be affected. When couples plan for any divorce children must be the first priority in that they should be secured both emotionally, physically and emotionally. The children who suffer from single parent syndrome tend to follow the same routine and ways of their parents. Before any divorce also couples need to undergo counseling therapy where they will be counseled and maybe it may work out for them to reconcile and become one as before. (United Nations General Assembly, 9)

Options are available to couples suffering from dysfunctional marriages?

The options which the are given or are available for couples who are trying to run away from the dysfunctional marriage depends on the situation the couples are in. when couples are in marriage that is not working according to what they expect, there is a tendency of allowing themselves to think of divorce as the best option. When a woman or man suffers from a dysfunctional marriage the best option required is to see a psychiatrist who will help them settle down through therapy or a counselor. It is also advised to settle their issues as couples ensuring that both of them agree to the terms set down and each understands the other (Margaret, 13).

To conclude on these there are so many effects on divorce cases which mostly affect both couples and the innocent children. When a child is subjected to trauma of staying without a parent, the kid develops negative feelings on how to socialize with others and through that unwanted behavior erupts from the child. Probably the divorce issue should be discouraged and proper mechanisms put in place for the ones who wants a divorce which will intern not affect the children (Alex, 17).


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