Free DNA Extraction Essay Sample

This research seeks to determine the best method that can be used for DNA extraction in an onion cell. The best method that is dealt with in this research is the use precipitation method used in the extraction of DNA. The protocol of obtaining DNA from the mixture is put down and followed step by step (Abouelmagd & Ageely, 2009). The requirements that are necessary to be used in this experiment are; fresh onions, cylinders, chopper, filter paper, a solution and ethanol. The process starts with chopping of the onion and blending it so as to obtain a mixture then you add a solution which can be either a detergent or salt solution. The mixture is to be mixed together for a time of almost 60 seconds. Using a filter paper the mixture is drained into a beaker (Kreuzer & Massey, 2008.

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A tenderizer is then added to the mixture and it is blended. The outcome which is the filtrate in the beaker is then mixed with ethanol so as to form a layer. This mixture should be left for some time so as to get time to settle and DNA will form a layer on top of the ethanol. DNA will be seen as threads floating. This is referred to as precipitation method since DNA is obtained as a precipitate. This method used to extract DNA from onion cell is the best example that can be used to demonstrate the complexity of the structure and usability of various molecules used during bonding. There are certain things that must be observed during the experiment (Elias, 2002). First one must work with a cell that has been broken down or cut since this process will enable it to free nucleus that is important in DNA extraction process. When it has been exposed it is necessary to ensure that the nucleus is not exposed to the agents in the atmosphere which may degrade its effectiveness.


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