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Opinions of Education costs and funding

The fee payable for Arts and, Science students should have uniformity at institutions of higher learning. This creates equality on the basis of education costs. This move places every student at an advantage because some universities offer expensive tuition structures that oppress student. The move will also increase education accessibility to many students who are currently facing limitations as a result of high cost of education funds.

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Some students have the qualifications but face financial constrains due to the high cost that some universities impose. Others drop out of colleges due to an increase that some universities continuously undertake. These students will benefit from the new program because they can comfortably meet the costs. The stake holders should consider equality and, uniformity over the high revenue that come from high costs of education funding.

Regulation of education costs by the government will discourage gluttonous investors in this sector who concentrate on profitability rather than, the quality of education. This program will make it convenient for the government to monitor quality of education without any excuse of lack of uniformity from inferior or superior institutions. Many institutions admit many students than they can comfortably accommodate when it comes to teaching.

The regulation of costs will help institutions to prioritize on the most crucial needs. They can also invent alternative sources of funding programs rather than rely on the tuition fees at the expense of the students. The institutions can use the available government funding and also look for sponsorship for needy students. They need to prepare realistic budgets that their revenue can accommodate without straining the students financially or academically. The impacts of the costs and, funding of education will depend on the government support in order to aid the systems.


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