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This article is in an effort to inform on educational disability. The research will be based on a popular movie on autism. People who are in this condition require special attention and special education. Autism is a condition which is brought about by failure of the brain to grow and it is evident in children before they reach five years of age. The condition interferes with the communication ability of the child suffering from this condition (Susan, 24). The cause of this unfortunate condition is still not known. The genetic composition is in most cases suspected as the causative agent although this has not been proved yet. Studies carried out attempts to indicate that this condition can be attributed to so many causes. Since 70s the number of individuals falling victims of this condition has gone up tremendously. Due to such cases, there has been a growing need globally to ensure that these children have equal opportunity of acquiring education just like any other normal child out there (Colin, 13). This article attempts to educate on the disability of education in regard to autistic condition.

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Standards have been brought into effect to cater for students with disabilities. It demands they be given respect and have the privilege and right to access education in a well guarded atmosphere and should take part in all activities just like the rest of the learners. They are entitled to being put in tests, access equipments and services and have right to take part in all academic ideologies without being despised whatsoever (Susan, 27). These are not just said formally. The instructors have a role to initiate transitions to purposefully ensure students with disabilities are well catered for. These categories are supposed to be provided with special education. This comes in handy in terms of persons or in small groups, the syllabus to be followed and the methods of issuing instructions, any equipment that will assist in an attempt to do all this (Susan, 29).

The information will be from a popular movie on an autistic child who is five years old in a special school which handles a wide range of such cases. When the movie begins, assessment which is carried out on the child is meant to draw a conclusion in regard to his education whether he was supposed to be a special or not. Peter has a very dedicated legal firm and enjoys a full support of his parents to enable him gain access to education. When evaluation on his condition is carried out, his parents don't seem to give up on their son and still believe his condition is going to improve. In regard to this, they ask for more tests to be carried out on their son. They dedicate therapists and psychologists and an instructor on this case all in an effort to improve the condition of their son.

The specialist in his school examines him and decided to put him on special system of education meant for the autistic cases. This is based on easy and somehow simple and the response is not oral. The system tests on how far the child has grown in terms of perceiving, how fast he can recognize verbal among other areas. This system is accompanied by instruments and equipment for learning that is given to Peter based on specified activities. The specialist would [put down on the progress of Peter. The specialist would then divide this with a number of activities he has done. This would in return be used to draw conclusions on how far he has grown.

The growth and development in autistic cases is hardly recognized. The signs are sometimes difficulties in hearing and sight (Susan, 37). All that there was in the progress report would be used in his evaluation process. The instructor would update the parents on the progress of their son everyday. He would update the parents basing the argument on performance, development in terms of levels on tasks given. Peter's parent would in return ascertain the progress sheet and this brought them on the board as part of his development each waking day. These progresses would be very helpful while assessing the young man. The specialist in his learning institution also did an extra analysis to come up with the idea why the young man was displaying traits which were disruptive. The guardians were served with some questions to fill in. they responded that their son indeed had developed some queer behaviors like producing a strange sound which was disturbing. His instructor was left with the responsibility to record his traits as shown by him. A sheet for information gathered was drafted. The instructor put down the traits that were rather unwanted. Basing on that data from the instructor and the guardians was put down by the specialist who finally draws a report.

It is required that when one is autistic a number of tests to be carried out in attempt to draw some concise conclusions (Collins, 22). A therapist based on occupations assesses the young man and jots down a report. The hospital representative took him through some tests with complex equipment. A conclusion was drawn that the young man was in a position to recognize sound meaning he could hear. The guardians also deduced they had not seen any problems with his sight and hearing. He is finally put into a quick test by a therapist specializing in speech. There are other ways to put tests on autistic learners. These are explained by the specialists in the movie as specifically meant for special autistic cases. The methods by far and wide work on the basis of what has happened to the student in the past this is integrated with information gathered through observations.

Most autistic cases are rejected by their peers. It is also hard to play with the rest (Collins, 28). The evaluation and tests which are done on Peter are complex and take a maximum of four years. This gives the full data on his traits, how he coordinates with people and intuition levels. The conclusion are drawn that Peter's progress was actually picking up. He is encouraged by his instructor alongside parents to continue attending therapies. Apparently, he is improving on his performance in school. Further it is revealed to us that the queer behaviors in school are as result of him undergoing changes in his development. All these being said, Peter is not in good contact with his fellow learners back at school. His friends are shown despising him and discarding him from the social groups. In the early stages while he is a child at a time when he had not gone to school, he is unable to associate with the rest of the children. The fact that he is autistic is not first known to his parents. The instructor back at school associates this with slow development as he observed it was difficult for him to adopt the routine.

Autistic cases have in most cases led to some families being so desperate to remedy the situation within the shortest time possible. This has resulted to the situation ending up being so much complicated than earlier thought due to diverse medications which might come with rampant complications (Collins, 42).


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