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Existence of aliens is something that is entirely possible in the space immensity, but it is not yet affirmed of its discovery. Looking at the speed, at which light travels and the distance covered to reach the earth, we can make assumptions of existence of aliens. The issue of aliens has been a great imagination in the minds of many people as well as a cause of terror in the hearts of many other human beings. The speculations of green little men images coming from the sky down to earth with extraordinary alien culture, which  has no much effect in terms of instilling fear as compared to metal objects that intend to fall from the sky down to our earth to raze out the species of human beings of the world’s surface. These are mere imaginations and have no any connection with reality and what is happening in the real world. This paper will clearly bring out my standpoint of view and opinion on the highly debated issue of whether aliens exist in the first place as well as whether they have ever visited the earth in the past.  

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In consideration with the reality, my opinion on whether aliens have ever visited the earth in the past is negative and inconsistence with the allegations as well as the claims being made by the proponents of the issue. Although, I believe that aliens exit, I find it difficult to be convinced that they have ever visited the earth sometimes back. To my understanding, aliens are not similar to human beings of today’s world and that there exist distinct difference that keep human beings and the aliens in separate, distinct and far much apart planets with varying survival conditions in the galaxy. I understand them to be supernatural beings with no real or visible bodies. I also understand that aliens are just floating spirits on top of the universe. However, aliens have some forms of life definition including exhibition of traits like motion, response to stimulus or surrounding environment, metabolic reactions, growth or development, reproduction as well as an elaborate lifespan. With these traits, it is quite clear that aliens have got life in them, and thus, a justification of a possible interaction between us (as life forms) and them. This is just a possibility being created by comparing us with aliens; but it is very far away from the allegation that these aliens have ever visited the earth where we live.

One of the reasons why I believe that aliens have never visited our planet in the past is in consideration with the changes that exist between the planets that we occupy to those that exist in the planet occupied by aliens. Considering the distance that exists between our planet and that of aliens, it is not possible that they have been able to travel all that distance to the earth. According to the knowledge of man, the closest planet that is believed to bear some form of life is known as Gliese System which exists almost ten years of light away from the earth. This is a very long distance, if practically considered to be explored.  For any life bearing creature to travel from this planet to the earth, then it would indicate that such a creature must have to spend a substantial fraction of its lifespan to travel and reach the earth. In addition, it has to travel with the speed of light in order to attain the earth travel mission. In real sense, there is no creature with life definition that is capable of travelling with the speed same as that of light. This is a fact that clearly explains why it is not possible for aliens to have visited the earth in the past. If an attempt to visit the earth ever exists, then I believe that the aliens are still on their way and there is a high possibility that their lifespan will come to an end even before they approach anywhere close to the earth. In the real sense, a creature that has no ability to travel with the speed of light is likely to take millions of years in the space with frequent encounter of numerous objects in the space, such as meteors and other space objects. Even if we make the assumption that they ever arrive on this planet, there will be totally new changes on the planet compared to when they set out and their mission would be meaningless.

If aliens were to arrive here on earth, there will be numerous challenges they would be exposed to due to changes in energy. For them to be able to exchange gases while in our planet (earth), they have to be supplied with some form of secular energy to facilitate the gas exchange process. There is also a possibility that they might need other gases apart from oxygen and this will be a great trouble on their side. Taking into consideration the fact that even life forms find oxygen harmful, when supplied in excess amounts, how will it be for a creature that might be non-oxygen exchanging? It is definitely clear that its changes of survival are close to zero and this is another explanation or reason to why I believe that aliens have never visited the earth.

Let us now consider the issue of gravity, which is a pure scientifically proven phenomenon on earth. The fact is that unless an object or a creature is specifically designed to dwell on earth, its existence on earth might not be possible because of the existing force of gravity that exits on the earth planet. There is a possibility that any creature not created to exist on earth might either crumble, collapse or blown away because of own weight or stiff breeze. Since aliens were not created as earthly creatures, it is very difficult for them to withstand the force of gravity, when they land on earth due to numerous and enormous technical hindrances. This is just another clear reason why I strongly believe that aliens have never visited this earth in the past.

Another reason why I believe that aliens have never visited the earth is due to the fact that none has ever contacted us despite the growing level of civilization. Perhaps, it is this advanced and ever growing civilization and emergence of new technologies that prevented the aliens from exploring the earth. There is also a possibility that the aliens’ parent star might have undergone a full cycle just like many other stars undergo evolutionary cycle and eventually die.    

Personally, I do not believe in any of the stories concerning the UFOs simply because of lack of any single evidence as a back up to the allegations being made by those who strongly believe in the UFO stories. Considering the points made by Steve Hawking, he clearly stated that, if all aliens have ever  visited us here on earth, then what is the point in them wasting the time showing to people who have no interest in the first place of listing to. Although I still hold the possibility that aliens exist, the idea that they have ever visited the earth still remains false to me following the fact that evolution has been discovered as the only source and cause of the ever changing conditions on earth. You will find that most of the UFOs stories revolve around stories, which have no basis of prove or evidence. These are the same stories that have been discovered by scientists and attributed to as evolutionary theories as opposed to aliens. Evolutionary theories as opposed to attributes of aliens have got some substantial reason to believe following the fact that such theories were created through research and exploration.

Concerning the water argument, I want to state that this argument falls flat and baseless and this also relates to the movies and films, which tend to show that one of the interests of aliens was to obtain resources from the earth. Sincerely speaking, it is evident that the galaxy is a very huge and enormous place and our planet, which is the earth on which we live, can only cater or a very minute fraction of it. If anything to believe, then we can say that there are absolutely no resources that can be found here on earth, which cannot be found in even much easily elsewhere. Therefore, this argument fails the test and brings as to a conclusion that aliens may have never even had an intention of visiting or exploring our planet.

Considering the issue of competition, those who believe that aliens have ever visited the earth claim that they came to clear us away from our environment so that they can remain with no competition is future. If this is anything to go by, then aliens are in position to achieve this mission without having to travel all the way down here on earth. As we all know, there exist a lot of huge, powerful and large asteroids in the galaxy, which can clear the earth planet in matter of seconds. All the aliens need to do is to pick one of the existing asteroids, program it in away to point to us down here on earth and set it in a way that it strikes with a certain speed to cause mass destruction or clearance of the earth inhabitants. By doing so, they would have achieved or attained the mission being claimed to clear the earth and avoid future possible competition. This is the reason why I disagree with the opposing view on whether the aliens have ever visited the earth, because this fact clearly rules out their allegation.               

The proponents of the allegation that alien ever visited the earth in the past argue out that aliens are creatures that appear all around us. The proponents point out the existence of crop circles, which appear to have clear imprints of feet. They also point out the existence of Bermuda Triangle, where various ships find their way and pass through without any harm. In my own view concerning these points, any species that is brave enough to explore interstellar travel is as well brave to think of what is supposed to take place there. Therefore, if the main aim of the aliens was to conquer, then they could have achieved this long time ago; and of their main aim was to get resources from the earth, then they could have already sucked the whole planet dry. But standing today, the earth has not been conquered and at the same time earthly resources still remains in place. This is a clear indication that any mission, if any, by aliens to visit the earth was a complete failure but more probably there was no such mission in the first place. Therefore, I highly disagree with the proponents who argue out that aliens have ever visited the earth in this perspective.

Other proponents who agree with the allegation that aliens have ever visited the earth attribute various examples of human creations to aliens. They claim that aliens have been around due to the fact that there are art works and drawing attributed to aliens. For instance, they perceive certain monuments as impossible to be created without application of advanced technology. To me, these are mere allegations have no any scientific proof that such monuments were created through aliens’ technology. The allegation that some crafts and pictures belonging to aliens as well as ancient drawing are mere imaginations that human beings come up with in reference to whether aliens ever existed on this earth. The imaginations do not have any substantial reason to believe that these pictures, ancient drawing as well as monuments belonged to aliens.

Therefore, I strongly believe that though aliens may exist, they have never visited the earth. What exists in a bunch of imaginations and anecdotes and however much they are stack, they can never be evidence. Although we hope that there is life there in other planets, I believe that such life forms cannot be able to survive on the earth due to differences in the survival essentials between planets. 


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