Free Far West Ideological Evolution Essay Sample

According to Woodard Colin and Sokol Erich, there is a rich history of the Far West Nation, from its conception to its present condition. According to the source, the following core values of the Far West nation have been outlined affiliated to the clashing cultures of the natives. The colonization of the nation was due to unfavorable climatic conditions that were characterized by uncommon climatic and geographical conditions. The nation had historic buildings and a mass of industrial buildings of unique architectural designs (Woodard, 2011).

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The acquisition of the Far West nation as a colony meant large capital investments, hence its partial administration by other nations including the federal government. The value that seemingly unites the factor between the different thoughts in the nation is technology. The people have embraced the use of technology as a measure to stimulate economic growth. Through technological advancements, the citizens find production of goods and services easier. Hence, the technology has improved standards of living as everyone desires a better lifestyle. Technology has enhanced an effective communication system attributed to a better future for the nation as communication forms part of positive economic growth. Nonetheless, the ideological differences on the adoption of post modernization and multi-culturism are still at stake (Woodard, 2011).

The people still have different opinions regarding the full or partial adoption of the new technological cultures. There are sections of the people purporting to endorse the new changes in life and set a side the traditional aspects, while the other section proposes the adoption of the new culture inclusion of the traditional beliefs that are naturally inseparable from the upholding of human dignity.

The citizens prefer that the individuals who are technology oriented should administer the government. In addition, the federal government needs to be partial in its operations to facilitate individualism as a desired value. To the citizens, a normal political candidate who does not indicate passion for technology is not a better choice as; their lives find a relief is the presence of a properly propagated environment. Therefore, they would not wish to elect a candidate who does not meet the thresholds favoring further technological advancements that have ever since, made the Far West nation what it is today (Erich, 1960).

In conformity with the people's wishes and desires on the adoption of a technological culture coupled with impartial participation of the federal government, office of the Electoral Commission of Far West is committed to ensuring that the verdicts of the people prevail. We are committed to bringing each presidential candidate on board to share with the people his dreams with the people. This is aimed at giving the electorate the chance to make critical decisions before electing leaders of their choice.

A policy statement is an official document that outlines clearly the criteria that an organization purports to fulfill its obligations under special condition. The organization can be economic, academic, political, or social in its operations. A policy statement incorporates: A definition of the subject matter, a summery of their background of actions subject to the matter in question, references to crucial documents connected to the matter, an overall verdict on the issue and particular suggestions for a remedy to the controversial issue.

President Obama is still my favorite presidential candidate. His economic policies are consistent with the changes in economic growth that our state has undergone. Critically, the achievements sustainable economic growth and development requires adequate security, a factor that might not be cited by many people. The expansion of government is entirely significant for security provision. The Obama's presidency has ensured the implementation of strategies to the welfare of the people. Obama has the voice of reason, a man not lead by emotions (Richard and Linda, 2001).


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