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In recent literature image restoration has had the implication of improving but not completely restoring one's public image. The theory addresses issues of what individuals and organizations can say about themselves when they have been accused of some wrong doing. Image restoration theory as postulated by William Benoit encompasses a series of mental schemes that people and institutions follow in the process of salvaging their reputations when acts of misdeeds cross their daily life. Reputations very essential in securing one high levels of self esteem as it determines how an individual relates to other individuals and also hoe other people will treat him or her.  Several famous personalities and large well organized organizations have had their reputations cast in doubt. Nevertheless, in most cases, they do not go down with the negative publicity that is hurled at them.  It is paramount that researches have to be done on the subject and perhaps come out with an explanation why a good public image is essential for one's survival (William, 145).

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The survey can also come out with ways on how organizations and individuals go about salvaging their images whenever they have been accused of some wrong doing. A communication study of this nature will have to focus on key issues of public image and must involve all stake holders, namely media, the individuals or organizations in question and must also be able to address the real issues that have the potential to bring these individual into disrepute.  Several people who hold high places on our social setups have at least had their integrity questioned.  The research will look at how these personalities handled the crisis and also determine whether public image can condemn an individual to social abyss. Major personalities who have been involved in daunting issues of public image include former US president Bill Clinton who was accused sexual crimes, world renowned golfer Tiger Woods and also the current South African president Jacob Zuma (William, 145).

Research methodology

This section spells out the procedures and the methods that the researcher can employ in achieving the objectives of the of the research study as so highlighted in the abstract of this paper. It defines location of the study, research procedures and analysis plan that would be put in consideration when carrying out this particular research.

Primary research

Primary research is the collection of data that does not exist. This will be achieved through numerous forms, including questionnaires, telephone conversations, and interviews. Secondary data will be obtained from previous studies into the subject and this will rely on material in journals and libraries.

Sampling criteria

As pertains to this project, the primary sources of data will be well known personalities, and celebrities spanning all spheres of social life from politics, music, and media to soccer. Also included will be large business organizations, corporations, multinational companies, religious organizations and charitable organizations. For individuals, the sample will consist of 1000 individuals randomly drawn from various walks of life and for organizations, it will consist of 500 organizations both those which have had an issue with their public relations and those which have not.

Research objectives

The data obtained will be input into the SPSS analytic programme for analysis. Different analytical procedures will be carried out in accordance with the research objectives. Means, correlation coefficients and residual correlations will be calculated during the analysis of the data.


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