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During the library session, we were shown how to access various on-line tools for legal/business research. First, we were shown how to access a journal by the title Walmart case or assignment. The title of this article is Interlibrary loan. If a student avails his/her e-mail address to the library, it will be entered on file with Interlibrary loan. Henceforth, he or she will be notified punctually and the materials conveyed precisely once the request arrives in the library. If one clicks on "academic search premier", a long list will appear and will be able to select the case s/he desires. In order to save it, one must choose "export." Once this is accomplished, RefWorks Login will appear. At this point, a student must login his or her student account in order save his/her case. If one desires to revisit his/her case, s/he must go to "Last Imported Folder." Additionally, if a student desires the work cited for that particular case, he or she ought to click "bibliography". If s/he desires the case to go to word document or HTML, he or she ought to choose it. Afterward, he or she should select References from the saved Folder and subsequently click "create".

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The second on-line tool is the Research Guides, Instruction & More. Research Guides are typically selected by subject for instance "business & economic" %uF0A7. Beneath this webpage, "business database", "industrial & company", "economic, law and taxation", "market research", and "internet research" will be shown. In order to research on law, one must select "law". The Legal tab, which is positioned at the top of Lexis Nexis Academic homepage must be clicked in order to enter the law file. This default search page is set in order to search articles published in over 500 law review journals and Weslaw Campus. On the other hand, the Business Source Premier Database contains long runs of a number of chief publications. These publications include: Harvard Business Review, Datamonitor, Emerald Fulltext, Sage Premier, Academic Search Premier, and Wilson Omnifile Indexes journals and magazines.


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