Free Organizational Theory Paradigms Essay Sample

Organizational theory is the new theory of the organization that illustrates the objectives and goals of the organization based on the structure of the organization. This theory usually develops a challenge to the old held assumptions of maximizing turn-over which the management used to view as being just content with just maximizing profits. This theory nevertheless has been faced by various criticism one being that it tends to have a very narrow view of how management relates to real life in its analysis. As this theory attempts to come up with the study of the organization, it focuses on the identifying the general behaviors in places of work and then tries to relate them to the enterprises. So this theory can help determine the culture of an organization and as a result it's able to know if it will be successful or if it will fail in relation to the mission and objectives set. The culture of an organization is simply those values, the beliefs and the norms which are continuously practiced by the organization's members as well as their behaviors'.  Hence culture acts as a motivating factor in the success of the organization presently.

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One of the concepts in the theory is the paradigm which usually offers  a good conceptual structure for which to base judgments in relation to the real world. In Burrell and Morgan, it's stated that, for one to be located in a given paradigm enables one to view in a particular given way. Hence this concept helps us to outline how we view the world and at the same time our stresses the importance of considering those around us. In the organization research the term paradigm has got three levels. There is the philosophical level which is usually fundamental as it concerns the world we are living in. There is the social level which guides the way researchers go ahead in performing their activities and then there is the technical level which includes the various techniques and processes which are employed during research.

All theories of organization are also based on the images or metaphors that put us at positions where we can see imagine and even understand things though partially. Metaphors help create insights although they can also act as distortions. This means that, they have their strengths as well as their limitation. Morgan recognizes that people in an organization can be able to describe their own metaphors as well as create new ones. In one way or another all of us use metaphor through our various understanding of the situations and hence making decisions based on those metaphors. In the study of the organization cultures and behavior, it becomes of uttermost importance to study the consumers. One dominant paradigm in consumer research is positivism where researchers apply techniques of the natural sciences while studying the social beings. When progress is judged in terms of problem solving ability, then the research has contributed to bridge of knowledge. This though is inadequate as comparing to what the extent of what the social sciences and the consumer research  knows about the social being is very negligible to the great ignorance exhibited by human beings.

Due to the problems exhibited by the positivism approach of conducting research on consumer behavior, interpretivism is employed as a way of seeking knowledge. This approach holds the idea that consumers can't be studied as physical objects but rather researchers should consider the phenomena from consumer's perspective. The functionalist paradigm or better known as the objective regulation has been the primary paradigm in the study of the organization. It normally assumes rational human behaviors' and believes that the behavior of the organization can be understood by testing the hypothesis. The interpretive paradigm on the objective regulation always seeks to explain the behavior of individuals is stable from an individual's view-point. Researchers try to look on what is going on in order to understand the behaviors.


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