Free Plan for Positive Influence on Team Essay Sample

This project is entails digging two boreholes in a rural area which has been experiencing extreme water shortage. The proposal for this project resulted from the constant struggles and suffering that the society has been going through because of water, bearing in mind that water is an essential commodity for life. As such, the project will last for a period of one year owing to the urgency of the issue The first objective of this project is to ensure that the residents, especially women, do not walk for a long distance in search of water. This will be met by digging the boreholes at strategic places which can be accessed easily by every household. The second objective of the project is to provide clean and treated water to the community so as to avoid water borne diseases. Thirdly, the project is to ensure that children go to school instead of looking for water for home and their livestock. The other objective is to encourage farming in the area so as to reduce instances of starvation caused by prolonged drought in the local region. To successfully achieve the objectives of this project, the team members have to be motivated, satisfied and also enhance their performance.

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Different people have diverse ways of getting motivated. Motivation in a team work is very important because it promotes team work for the success of the entire project and group.  When people are motivated, they become satisfied which in the end enhances the group’s overall performance. First, motivation of the team members will be achieved by talking to each member and allowing them room to share freely. By doing this, one will be able to understand what motivates each member and also knowing their characters. Owing to the fact that different team members have different strengths and abilities, each person will be accepted the way they are and assisted to maximize their strengths and abilities for the common good of the team. Members will also be motivated by various promises such as financial rewards and teaching of new skills during the course of the project. Thirdly, tem members will be motivated by recognition acknowledgements and appreciation of their work as well as assigning members responsibilities. Such measures will make members feel valued and relevant in the project’s life span. In addition, there will be transparency, listening to members’ ideas and constant feedback on various issues concerning team members. Once in a while, members will be taken out for lunch or coffee and be involved in some chit chats to lighten and building of strong relations.

The other way of improving the project’s performance is satisfaction.  Often, when team members are motivated they get satisfied in one way or the other. Team members will be satisfied by ensuring that the work environment is safe and conducive. Safety will also be enhanced by encouraging team members to build confidence among themselves. Moreover, goals will be set for every team member so as to promote intrinsic satisfaction of the group. Having in mind that and= individual can only be satisfied for having achieved certain goals if he/she has a clear knowledge of what is to be achieved, there will constant seminars on the goal of the project.

Naturally, a team’s performance depends on the mechanisms they are working with. For instance when a group works together for a long period, they will realize a strong understanding among themselves. Therefore, the group will be able to stabilize and work together by sharing ideas and working hard to achieve a common goal. By encouraging the team to work together in unity, peaceful interaction among the members of the group and robust performance will be realized. Members will also be encouraged to strive for cohesion in the course of the project so as to enhance the performance of the team. According to Fiske, Gilbert, Lindzey and Jongsma, member’s performance will also be enhanced by the experience gained in the course of the project.

In a team, there are different people with different personalities. These personalities are results from a person’s behavior in a team and are influenced by either genetics or the environment to which an individual is exposed to such as family, education and culture among others Personality can affect the performance of a team either positively or negatively.  As such, members will be encouraged to look and major on positive affects so as to promote job satisfaction and enhance performance. Complaints resulting from negative affects will be addressed appropriately to eliminate work stress and lack of cooperation among team members.

Understanding the cause of emotions and addressing it appropriately will be critical for the success of the project. Moreover, no incidences of emotion will be ignored as such misinterpretation can be costly to the project. The team will be encouraged to unite and identify their emotions so as to enhance their work performance. Each person will also be encouraged and taught on best ways to manage and handle his/her own emotions by getting out of depressions and relaxing when she/he is stressed .

Nevertheless, attitude is an essential aspect a a project’s success because it determines the way the team perform for the success of the project Members of the team will be encouraged to develop positive attitude concerning the project for effective performance and intrinsic motivation Instances of imitation especially on negative attitudes will be discouraged through constant evaluation and free sharing of ideas thoughts and involving all the team members in decision making. The other aspect that would be critical among the team members is varied values held by every individual. The team will be encouraged to members to focus on the importance of the project and not otherwise. This would generate perseverance of challenges such as demanding schedules for the sake of the success of the.

In summary, the success of digging a borehole project at the local community will largely depend on motivation, satisfaction and performance of the group as a team. However, for harmony to be realized among team members, each individual must be broad on board by addressing issues such as values, attitudes, and personality which are inherently varied as the human race. 


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