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Islam is more of civilization than a religious or political setting. The adherence of rules that are referred to as doctrines, usually are taken seriously. The people who are not Muslims are usually looked down upon by the Muslims and they usually expect the latter always to follow their will. The Muslims usually want to eliminate the non-Muslims as their doctrines suggest.

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Political versus Religious Islam

Political Islam is the way the Islam thinks of those who are not believers. As much as Islam is a political system it is also a religious system. But the political part of Islam has always been mentioned and put in practice compared to the religious system. Apart from the vivid resemblance, there is a wider difference between the two. While in religious Islam, the people are informed to respect a person like Mohammed as the only prophet.

However, in political Islam, the non-Muslims should not fail to give him respect then in that case, they are giving out the political perspective. The artists from Denmark once drew cartoons of Mohammed. Their rivals criticized them telling them never to draw such cartoons. By so doing, they were showing the political side of Islam. In essence, when people are given instructions based on the individual alone, the political side is depicted. However, when there is the inclusion of their god and matters related to their worship then their religious side is depicted.

Jim informs us that the Koran gives the relationship of life of the believers and non-believers and their relationship. In that aspect, they are dealing with the political nature as opposed to the religious nature of Islam. The issue of how the Muslims should live in peace is not depicted as much. Hence, many people have argued that the Koran itself is political in nature. Everything a Muslim does to another person who is not a Muslim is usually dependent on the Koran, Hadith, and Sira.

Sira is the bibliography of Mohammed and Hadith is his stories and traditions while Koran is the revelations of Mohammed. In Islam Mohammed is usually placed central and very important in the whole religion. This is evident because in all the Islam happenings Mohammed is mentioned to be central. Hence, Islam is usually seen as a political system since they only mention what the non-Muslims and not what it says. The other important aspect to be mentioned is that all the non-Muslims are Kafirs.

For the Kafirs, they do not believe in the existence of Mohammed. For that reason, they have no happy moments with Allah, the more reason as to why he does not love them. The concept of political Islam is depicted clearly, because all the Kafirs are hated and are deemed to torture even to death. Since most of the Koran is political as mentioned earlier, then it is more of political than religious nature since the Kafirs are talked about in most places.

For Islam they always have different kinds of measures placed on Kafirs and the other set placed on Muslims as a whole. Muslims are always left to choose on how to deal with Kafirs. For the most parts, they are to deal with them in a religious or political way as to when Mohammed used deceit to enter into power. All Kafirs are always told to submit to the will of Islam.


The character and influence of political system of Islam is usually perceived to be very bad. This is because they always look forward to clear away all the people who are not Muslims. The religious system also gives the doctrines to the followers that they are supposed to follow to the letter. Without observance of these doctrines like Mohammed did, it is perceived to be detrimental to the adherents. For example, the September 11 bomb blast was to happen not differently, as it was. Hence, the issue of strict adherence to the removal of other inhabitants is very much depicted. Islam is not a religion then but a kind of civilization that is adhered to. It has its own systems that govern the followers. The theories or Jihad are usually based upon Mohammed, the prophet.


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