Free Public Education in the United States Essay Sample


The public education in the United States is usually operated by the local and state governments. These two governments usually have a role of providing the programs of instructions to schools and colleges.

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The children attending public education in the United States are of Mexican-American decent, Muslims, African American, Hispanics and Americans. This population consists of about 88 per cent of students in the United States. The students attending these Public schools usually reside within the districts that the schools are found. However, there is a provision for ‘magnet schools’ which cater for students who are non residents as well as residents. In addition, these magnet schools are meant for the admission of students bearing special interests like sciences, sports and performing arts.

The main reason why parents of these students take them to public schools is because; these schools do not normally charge any tuition fee as it is catered for by the local, federal and state taxes. Secondly, the parents opt for public schools as they are guided by law to admit all children. Besides, the formalities involved are not too demanding as they entail filling out a few forms and giving proof of your address to the local school. Lastly, the parents choose these schools as they are a part of a large schools system which functions according to the rules and guidelines set by the government and politicians.


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