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Having spent three quarters of my lifetime in Chicago, I have made wide observations on the issue is race. From my own perspective I consider race to be any kind of discrimination by an individual or a group that is generally determined and is based on color. I don't believe that racism comes only through actions as it can also be practiced through the word or words of mouth.

Commonly we find that people are grouped into five common categories of races, these include: White, Black, Latino or Hispanic, Asian, and Indigenous or Native. Texas being one of the largest states in the United States boasts of being cosmopolitan. I have made this observation whenever I have moved from one side of the state to the other that the state is actually racially cosmopolitan with all the races being represented. What has moved me is the rate at which this vice that is called race is taking too long to be done away with. Even with a black President in power, most Texans are racist in nature. This is what has prompted me to venture into this research.

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Racism has always been associated with the southern American states and Texas being one of they can not be ruled out. Racism acts can be observed right from the church pulpits to the public offices and other avenues. The capability of many black children in Texas State is much brought down by the psychological effect of the racial discrimination. I have observed that majority of the blacks and the Hispanics are negatively affected by this vice

From the various concerns brought about by this vice, I have tried to do an analysis of the racism status in the Texas state and how the vice has negatively affected the individuals and institutions. As my own observations have come in handy in coming up with various recommendations that are m4erant to help the people residing in Texas and other stake holders that are concerned  in dealing with the vice. I do believe that this is one of the ways that the state can have innovations and boosted development from the fully unleashed potential in the tresident6s of the state.

Texas is probably one of the biggest states in the United State .The state boasts of being highly productive with a variety of industries in this state. The issue of racism is actually of great importance considering the fact that the state has a good size representation of the various states. In studying this vice would use a case study that is industrial based on this case I was following that brings out the real life situation and the happening that is racism.

Not long time ago, the racial relations in Texas town of Paris that race relations had hit a dead low end. Mediators from the Texas town of Paris were called upon in trying to bring the blacks and the whites together. However the meeting turned out to be chaotic and the meeting could not be facilitated.

It is now very sad that racial tension is now coming up again in one of the towns biggest company The Turner Industries pipe fabrication plant. It is unfortunate that here, the blacks charge the hang mans noose and that there are very many graffiti that arte racist appearing through the work place for so many months now.

Karl Mitchell who happens to be one of the workers in the company filled a formal complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission after he took a few pictures of these offensive symbols. While other African Americans had tried to come up clean on this issue in the previous occasions to their bosses, this could not bear fruit as they were asked to keep quiet. Just after the filing of the case the officials from the company's headquarters alleged that they actually learn of the menace after the photos were circulated on the internet They went ahead and claimed that the noose that was being talked about and seen in the photos had been removed and that an investigation by the company was underway.

The company's Corporate General Secretary Said "All of us in management find that entirely offensive, "He went ahead and claimed that the company doesn't allow such, "We do not condone any displays of this type. I can promise you that in the event we uncover that any of our people participated in the display of any of those matters, they may very well lose their jobs." On the blacks' grievances on pay discrimination, Fenner also denied this claims and asserted that the blacks who make up paltry 11 percent of the 660 employees are not discriminated against by the company.

Pete Kampfer who happens to be the president of the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce lamented over the issue and said that he had e-mailed the officials of the company the previous week just after he got alerted of the4 troubling photographs, "Obviously, this isn't going to play well," The president said that cases on racism in Paris was on the rise, "We've had a lot of recent racial discussions in Paris, and you better get a heads-up if you see another storm working."

The first time that Paris went into scrutiny over Racism was in 2007whenm Shaquanda Cotton, a 14 year old African American girl was prosecuted for shoving a hall monitor at Paris High School and was sentenced to 7 years in a youth prison. Three months before this a 14 year old girl was sentenced to probation for crimes of arson by the same judge. Just less than half a month after The Tribune brought a story contrasting the two cases, national civil rights protests and petition drives were triggered, Shaquanda was released early by the Texas authorities. Just last year Brandon McClelland, a 24 year old black American was slain in the hands of two white men. The authorities of the time dragged the victim beneath a pick up until his body was almost being disremembered. Today the accused people are being tried for murder but the civil rights and the victim's family want hate crimes added as well.

Racism has really been an under doing of many in the Texas. The blacks being on the receiving end most, has led to them facing so many challenges that at times prove difficult to deal with. So many people have their dreams shattered due to racial discrimination. Racial discrimination at the work place in Texas has resulted to many especially the blacks and the Hispanics to be denied opportunities and positions which were it not for there color they would have automatically been picked. This is despite the high number of the companies from service based. Industrial based to agricultural.

Racial discrimination in Texas has gone down affecting the service provision not only in the private sector but also in the public. The blacks are the most affected. This has unfortunately worked against the blacks who receive the poorest service. It is very unfortunate that the places that I have happened to enter in various cities in Texas for example Chicago, you will find that the best places are reserved for the whites while the blacks are even no0pt expected to step there. From my observation, whenever a black enters such places they are not really turned way due to legal considerations but actually not attended to on not handled warmly.

When looking at governance, racial cards are actually played against the blacks in winning the seats. This is actually a very wrong trend that cannot even be imagined with the black President being power. While the laws may seem to be fighting the vice, the framework under which the same laws apply does not work in a manner that conclusively fights the vice. This has led to many blacks being victims of circumstance in such loopholes since the whites are the majority.

Racism is a vice that is not easy to root out as it starts with the mind of the individuals. I therefore find the inclusion of all the citizens regardless of their gender from all the races in coming up with the initiatives to fight the vice. Such initiatives should not just be seen to be welfare for one race but be on the basis of the good of the community as a whole in Texas. This could come in various ways.

There is need for the formulation of new state laws that will discourage acts that are racist. I do believe that with proper laws in place, so many people will trad4e carefully in their actions and speeches not to be quoted as acting or conversing in a manner that is racist. The penalty for uttering racist words and acti9ng in a racist manner should have severe consequences,

The state can be in bid to fight racism form a group that will be used as a tool for spreading of anti racist messages. Such groups need to be all inclusive or rather have a representative from each race. The members should then be funded by the local government to move from one place to the other spreading messages on the need for coexistence and love among the various races. The group should also appeal to all the categories of people in the Texan society hence the need foe all genders and age represented to make it relevant and appealing to everybody.

Having stayed in Texas for so many years, one would note that there are so many industries in the state and that such act as the avenues that racism take place. It is therefore important for the job places to be considered as the best for initiating ideas and activities to fight the vice. This can come in way of policy formulation. The different conglomerates that have employed millions of people in the Texas state need to come up with policies that will help fight the vice. Such policies for example should allow for constant follow up on awareness programs that will help fight the vice. The policies formulated by this conglomerates should also allow for proper race representation at all levels of management in terms of race.

One of the best ways of fighting racism is by directly dealing with the color issue. As such intermarriages are the best option for dealing with th4e vice. As a matter of fact, it happens that in Texas, even those that are racist are not so to their relatives. This is because of the closeness that they have that makes them to operate in mutual interest. Intermarriages will also lead to the liquidation of the colors especially to do with the blacks hence making them not to be that vulnerable to racist attacks. Intermarriages will also provide An Avenue for most Texans that are discriminated against to air their grievances as blood relatives will be more willing to listen than the other ordinary folk.

Parents should also be very keen when it comes to listening to their children especially the younger ones so as to ensure that any racist move towards there children is reported, noted and action taken to avoid a repetition of the same. This is due to the fact that it's only when parents are close to there children that the children will be able to reveal to them of whatever they are going through and it's from here that any racist case can be reported.


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