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Mycology is the study of fungi. Mycology involves studying the genetic, biochemical characteristics, taxonomy, use of fungi and the problems they pose to human beings. Mycologists are the people who specialize in the study of mycology. I have chosen to write about the mycology research on toward an understanding of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.

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There are several reasons as to why I have chosen to work on this paper. One of these reasons is that the paper is a good study on mycology that enlightens people on how plants and fungi depend on one another. The paper shows that there exist symbiotic relationships between fungi and plants and it is essential for human beings these relationships because they can be able to reclaim wasted land. More so, I chose on this paper because it explains on the symbiotic relations that can help people choose which plants to grow so that they are not affected by fungi. Another reason as to why I chose to work on this research is because the research is somehow biblical as it shows what Godly people ought to know about symbiotic relations between fungi and plants to enable them take good care of their environment. The research study is therefore good because it enables people accomplish God given role of caring for the environment.

The main objective of this research mycology is to understand the complex relationships that exist in the symbioses between fungi and plants. Understanding the symbiotic relationships between plants and fungi will help know more about the origin of fungi, classification and land protection. More so, the research aims at helping people know how to exercise Godly ethics of their environments because the study unties the details of the symbiotic relations between the plants and fungi, (Hennigan, 2009). Another objective of the research is to help people take good care of the land by using the symbiotic relationships established to restore affected environment and troubled lands and grow crops that can be sustained.

In doing the research, there are several methods that were used to come up with the results of the study. A study was done on the physical appearance of plant roots that is suitable for plants. Several plant roots were studied in order to know the physical appearance of roots that is more appropriate for plants. Another method used in studying arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi was the structures of the fungi that can penetrate the plant cell. Different fungal structures were considered to help find out which fungal structures were able to penetrate the cells of plants. More so, an investigation was done on the fungal structures that are found in the soil so as to know which fungi found in the soil affect plant growth. Lastly, deferent samples of soil were taken to study soil conditions in different places.

After conducting the study, it was found out that fungi and plants depend on one another for survival. Some fungi like paleobotanica act as plant preservations while the fungi depend on plants for its nutrients. The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi help in the development of plants by increasing the nutrient absorption, improving water absorption and protecting plants against infection by pathogens. More so, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi provide seedlings with hyphal networks that are linked with the already established plants. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi also help plants because they work with nitrogen fixing bacteria to improve soil quality for plant survival. This fungus is also important to plants because it protects plants from parasite infection. Lastly, it was also found out that arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi is used to detoxify soil in the process of reclaiming polluted land and this helps in plant survival.

If I was the one carrying out the research, I would also try to find out the danger posed to plants by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. This would help people know both the advantage and disadvantages of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi.


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