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A restaurant is a special place. Individuals not only have dinner in a restaurant but they have fun in special occasions, discuss business issues, they to relax and forget about all problems they could face currently. But there is a tendency of some clientele choosing one restaurant above others due to their own reasons. The food plays a huge part and so does the service. However, the restaurant design, including design of design of restaurant dining room and restaurant kitchens, plays an equivalent role in coaxing in patrons and making them keep frequenting the place.

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Most customers' aim is to open a restaurant to obtain a good return on their investments. A good quality restaurant design means that the client gets numerous returns on their investment. The intention of restaurant designers is to help get that returns on the set up costs. If you are investing in a new restaurant it is necessary that you work with architectural restaurant designers.

The main objective of the research is to identify one scenario of the restaurant design issues, then provide solution and decision of the scenario.  Areas that will be addressed will be the overall conception and direction, textures, furniture, wall finishes, the ambience, individual materials, the illumination level and finally to the smallest facts. All this are some of the issues that affect the restaurant design.

Theory on Restaurant Design

The restaurant design can take on diverse forms. We have a wide range of restaurants beginning from a fast food type to a stylish evening dining restaurant. It is significant to note that restaurant design begins with abstract ideas.

For instance, the design strategies use a color design that is soothing and comforting like greens and blues. However, the colors must balance it with neutral colors just to make the space appear a bit stylish. A designer would put furniture pieces that are of clean-lines to avoid a disorderly space and that will also add to the room's lightness for greatest relaxation. Place additional original features inside the condominium unit to agree with the client's need of technological expediency. We have two broad ways in which a restaurant can be designated namely the external and internal designs respectively.

Interior restaurant design scenario

We are going to base on the internal design scenario. For instance, for an interior designer in this area of expertise, it is significant to be aware of the client's business, his or her operational actions, picture and use necessities as well as financial plan and financial difficulties. Our design solutions have to be responsive to goals, budgets and aesthetic objectives established by the owner so they are market-driven designs. The facilities we design are destinations for the final user, so it is significant to note that the interior design of a restaurant may be a bit complex because it is meant to handle different individuals with different tasks. Everything is included in a restaurant: light, music, cuisine, staff uniform and the interior. When everything is in agreement with the designers requirement, the design of restaurant kitchen, the of restaurant dining room bars makes the guest to enjoy warmth feeling and this makes the attracted back to the hotel again and again. The designer has to know every information about the people who visit the restaurant, the restaurant staff and the even the cooks in the restaurant. This information will help the designer to manage to design a system that will meet all the all the needs of the restaurant. If an owner has several restaurants that different cuisine, a professional interior designer can aid in creating brand identity and altogether a pleasant atmosphere o f the restaurant that will help the owner of the restaurant to promote the new and already realized ideas.

A restaurant designer should consider taste and preference of the users of the facility. Restaurant clientele want a genuine experience in a surrounding that speaks to them and their needs.

A designer should build up a unique sense of place that offers a whole range of sensory imitation. What the designer is designing matters less provided he or she the goal aim. The designer wants to make certain that diners enjoy their meals with their sight, sound, feel, as well as with flavor. Therefore, managers and owners need to make a decision precisely what they are offering. For example, is the restaurant aiming for excitement or for a more relaxed and soothing environment? This is the question should think about.

Restaurateurs contemplating a new design should consider the following tips for design

To begin with, restaurateurs must build up a vision. Restaurants must make a scenario that communicates to the custom. This helps restaurateurs build up a vision of what the restaurant is about. They should ask themselves whether the restaurant is informal or formal, upscale, mid-scale or budget, and finally who are the target clientele. Restaurateurs should know the kind of ambience is preferred. Also, restaurateurs should do the price points match to establish if the design and building budget match the customers' prospect.

More so, design for functionality is vital. For instance, the kitchen and the bar must work together followed by everything. The restaurateurs should find out whether the servers move easily. More so, they know whether the traffic patterns ease congestion for staff and customers. Also, they should know whether the drinks be served quickly others. Additionally, restaurateurs   must maximize the vision. A restaurateur will make image cues through the use of materials, textures, color and seating and tabletop trimmings such as dishes and glassware. The designer ensures that the guest experience is enhanced. Besides that, he must give an assurance that decorative elements work in harmony. Furthermore, the designer should design to define space. For instance, vast spaces could be divided into smaller, close ones through, for example, the use of screens, banquettes and booths. Big airy spaces can be made to be accommodated by architectural basics, for example, columns and visual elements like fireplaces. Mirrors could also be wonderful design tool, because they expand the sense of space and eliminate emptiness.

Lighting as a restaurant design issue 

One scenario of the restaurant design issuesis the Lighting of a restaurant

Site lighting and architectural lighting of restaurants should provide the user with

lighting levels suitable for the designed task. Lighting levels should also be reasonably consistent all through the site and absent of glare. A lighting design and plan must encompass all applications for new develop mentor redevelopment. The plan of lighting must include, though not restricted to: the lamp source and wattage, fixture locations, shielding, type of lighting equipment, rising height, mounting details, and photometric data. All lighting of the site should be taken into account in the lighting plan. The designer should keep away from competing light levels and maintain balanced light levels on-site and between adjacent properties

How Design is related to a customer and location.

The interior design method an individual selects with a restaurant designer relates directly your customers and site. Clientele of restaurant located in Magies may not necessarily be looking for the same kind of interior design experience as customers in Cairns. An individual needs to explore and then look at the following outlined issues:

  • Who your customers are.
  • The experience your customer is after.
  • Existence of interior styles that your clients would not free to be associated with.
  • Relation between your location and interior design fashion.

The site has an impact on the interior design fashions used in the restaurant industry. Colors and finishes that look best in a restaurant located in Brisbane may not appear as good when you use those same finishes in Carns or Sydney restaurants. Some colors and finishes appear and work better in warm and sunny climates. Again yet another set of colors and finishes appear and work best in a calm climate.

Optimizing the environment

In this process, you can begin by making adjacency plans or fizz tactics. These plans can help you make a decision concerning the site of vital elements, analyze your tasks and observe if the association is appropriate. Precisely, you want to make a layout that moves your clientele via the space without making bottle necks. Build up a space that makes an environment that is favorable to your staff and leaves the client with an enjoyable. You want to optimize your square footage by placing numerous smaller key buying points. Therefore, directing your clients through the space while generating income from numerous of areas of your structure. Eventually, the layout and design can increase profitability and has a strong impact on the client and your aptitude to offer service to the client.

Casual Dining refers to making a restaurant that is relaxed and friendly. The factors that describe this include signature food menus, creative restaurant menus, and a gorgeous design that keeps the customers coming. The aim of the casual dining concept is to make long-term victory, and a variety of strategies can be implemented to attain this success. In all cases a sole dining environment must be formed.

Environment is one of characteristics that affect the design of a restaurant. Our interior designers have an understanding of the particular requirements of a customer. Helping customers build up ideas that change their spaces into surroundings that has a united look. Working together to create total surroundings that is inviting to customers and workers. A designer can chose to include background music to keep the customer in a tranquil comfortable environment. Stylish spotlights and wooden floors could also be incorporated to create cool surroundings though at times they can make a noise cave which can destroy a good night out. More so, there should be appropriate space between tables and not too far to be isolated, but Sitting in your neighbour's lap and hearing their every swallow does not make a good quality dining experience. More so, the environment should be lively. It should be buzzing but not too noisy, but equally not silent and isolated. Atmosphere is everything. It can make or break a place.

Age is also one of the issues that affects the design of the a restaurant, in that, a restaurant meant to serve elderly people may have background music that relevant for the old people and the music is played in low tones since majority of old people don't listen to loud music. However, restaurants meant for the youths should have great interior enhancement like fashionable textures, fabrics, wall coverings, and finishes that are appealing to the eyes of the youths. Most of the restaurants are of the Cassino design, characterized by the loud blustering music since the youth like music.

The original purpose of this research was to write a theory on general restaurant design issues and how they affect design of a particular restaurant. A good restaurant design that is successful may cause an individual restaurant to be 'a must visit place' if all deigning issues are considered. For instance, designers aim to deliver restaurant interior concepts and designs that are thrilling and unforgettable, leading to optimistic returns on investments. It is important that restaurant issues are critically analyzed before deciding to choose one design.


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