Free The Calling of the Disciples Essay Sample

The story from St. Luke’s Gospel marks the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. The first disciples were just mere fishermen who used to fish at lake of Gennesaret when Jesus called them into his ministry. Peter and his friends had been fishing a whole night, but to their disappointment had caught nothing. Peter was very discouraged by this disheartening incident. They had done their best during the night, it was the perfect time for fishing and the result was as frustrating as their empty fish nets.

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Jesus asked the fishermen to cast their nets into the deep water to catch fish.  Peter did not see the logic of it after a night of hard work which bore to futile fishing. Nevertheless, Peter dared to believe and trust in this unpredictable event and he relented to cast the fishing nets. He risked his faith because he believed what Jesus said might be right. Having trust gave him the assurance of trying out this new experience. An amazing thing happened, they caught a huge amount of fish, which their nets could not hold. They were very astonished. This was a different day for Peter. He fell on his knees and expressed his fright to Jesus. Peter not only confessed his sins but asked Jesus to depart from him. Peter’s reaction portrays the weak human nature. Falling at Jesus feet was a symbol of worship and humility.

Peter did not harden his heart and was therefore able to heed to Jesus’ command. His trust made him leave the comfort and try the unfamiliar. Jesus told him not to be frightened, to accompany him and to serve in his ministry. Peter and the other fishermen through faith and after they recognized that they were with the Lord, they left all their fishing equipment and followed Jesus to be fishers of men. They found the person who would bring change in their lives. Peter now viewed Jesus as his Lord, due to the miracles that he did and no other man could perform. The fishermen were able to overcome their fear and abandon their lifetime fishing career, because they trusted and had faith which Jesus could always provide. 


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