Free The Future of United Arabs Emirates Essay Sample

Part One

The future thinking report of the United Arabs Emirates illustrates the ideas and actions that need to be implemented by the government so as to avoid crisis in future. The report touches on key sectors of the country which include youth and capital, information technology, infrastructure and transport, environment and climate, health, education energy, economic and commercial developments, international relations, food and water and government services. The adjustments that are needed in these sectors are highlighted in bid to increase their capacities for the future generation. The report future report highlights weaknesses in some areas that must be addressed to prepare well for the future. Moreover, an implementation plan is also included in this report so as to help the government of United Arabs Emirates take specific actions that shall make the future of UAE better and sustainable. The implementation plan includes action points for each sector. It shall be observed that the sectors have an interconnection such that some action points shall be done by another sector of the government. This repost also brings on board various case studies from countries such as Singapore, Japan, China and North Korea that have successfully implemented future plans. China is used as the benchmark country that has successfully implemented a future plan for the year 2020.

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Youth and Information Technology

The young people in the United Arabs Emirates need jobs as the years go by. The future of the United Arabs Emirates is to have young people who are well educated and actively involved in the affairs of their nation. The country should have young people who appreciate the value of hard work and responsibility. Further, the United Arabs Emirates should have an atmosphere where the youths are involved in sports, education and recreation apart from others. China developed a system where many young people are involved in entrepreneurship. This system helped the country to grow its industrial, technological, and financial base to global standards. The future is likely to have a lot of competition that might not favor youths without education and training. The United Arabs Emirates must lay strategies of having equipped youths ready to counter the changes of their generation.

The United Arabs Emirates Information technology landscape needs to develop high end cloud computing to cub challenges of data space in future. Cloud computing technology enables large amounts of data to be stored safely in remote servers. The United Arabs Emirates need to take advantage of the growing innovations in the IT landscape to also further its technology agenda. Singapore has a technology hub that enables its citizens to develop and test various information technology innovations. Such an effort helps the county to keep tract with the developments in the technology arena. Another area of interest in the IT future is the electronic commerce which facilitates business transactions to be done online. The government of United Arabs Emirates also needs to adopt e-governance technology because most countries will be using this technology in future. The future equally needs high level security applications in the IT industry. The United Arabs Emirates IT platform must be well secured to keep off any cyber crime robbers and hackers. Such security will help prevent losses through the electronic platforms. A country like the USA has recently had attacks launched against its government servers from regions around the world. Information technology needs high end security to keep the countrys intelligence a safely guarded affair.

Infrastructure and Environment

The country will need a well developed multilayered transport network to connect the cities and other essential areas. Most of the present transport uses auto based technology which is highly limited as the future bacons. The airports will also have to be expanded to accommodate more planes landing and taking off at the same time. The increased airport infrastructure is to create room for more business experts expected in the country in future. The transport infrastructure should also include high speed trains destined to far off lands which could be turned into cities in future. The road networks will have to be single lanes on most parts of the country to facilitate easy movement from one place to another. Computerized traffic control systems should be in place as we move into the future to control the multilayer transport system that is planned for in future.

The United Arabs Emirates need to have protected marine life which if free from industrial pollution. The growth of the urban centers needs to be regulated to protect the countrys natural habitat. Further, country should have green development agenda in its construction industry to keep check on the climate. The game parks need to have the ability to naturally keep biological life dwells in them. This means that human interference needs to be kept low. The United Arabs Emirates should also become cooler as time goes by. The desert environment can be slowly transformed into a green land through maximum utilization of the oasis and water technology.

Health and Education

The infant mortality rate need to be kept low and the life span increased at the same time. The United Arabs Emirates needs to have several well equipped health care centers where the citizens can receive inpatient and outpatient at affordable rates. The healthcare system also needs to have a fully functioning health care insurance fund that can cater for the health costs of the citizens. The United Arabs Emirates should have adequate number of health care experts who have the qualification to handle diverse assignments in healthcare. Further, the United Arabs Emirates need to have preventive healthcare strategies like vaccination to keep check on ailments that are viral in nature. Training centers where doctors learn need to be facilitated and equipped to guarantee efficiency. The county should have hospitals that meet global standards just like those in India.

The education landscape of the United Arabs Emirates needs to be of excellent standard that is competitive on a global scale. Such excellent standard of education would make many international students to prefer United Arabs Emirates as an education hub. United Arabs Emirates should also have free education at elementary levels to encourage high enrolment and get rid of illiteracy. The education institutions should attain international standards just like that of China which has become a hub for regional and international students. The United Arabs Emirates further need to have qualified academic staff at their universities to ensure that quality learning is taking place. This means that the enrolment for higher education by the citizens of UAE needs to increase to bridge the present deficit. The UAE education needs to be digitalized to benefit from the global development trends. A digital education environment entails acquisition and transmission of learning content using electronic gadgets and networks.

Energy, food and water

The United Arabs Emirates need to have sustainable forms of energy. The renewable forms of energy are most preferred for a country that is keen on sustainability. The country should have well developed solar energy systems to benefit from the high solar intensity of the United Arabs Emirates. The cost of assessing energy should be cheap and affordable to every citizen within the United Arabs Emirates. Further, the distribution of electric power should target all areas of the country including the remote parts of United Arabs Emirates. Moreover, the United Arabs Emirates should have solar panel manufacturing companies in large numbers to reduce the costs of importing solar cells from other nations. United Arabs Emirates should also have extensive wind power generation facilities to benefit from the high tides in the ocean and desert borders. China is a leading example in the implementation if solar energy in large scale (China). Overreliance on fossil fuel should go down through the development of alternative energy sources.

United Arabs Emirates needs to have stable supply of food to its citizens. The countrys food stores need to be very sustainable in the short and long runs. The fish harvesting technology need to be excellent to enable United Arabs Emirates have plenty of food. The country also needs to have good international relations with countries in its trading block to continue receiving other food exports. The country need citizens need to have knowledge of how to use water and maximize its operations. The citizens also need to know ways of reducing water wastage in their daily activities. Further, the country needs to have well developed water infrastructure in all parts of the United Arabs Emirates. Water in UAE is primarily from the sea. This water need to be channeled to all parts of the country through a well laid infrastructure. The vision document of China also outlines success in providing clean and safe water to its citizens through a collaborative approach with Germany. China managed to deliver clean water to its citizens through well laid infrastructure. The United Arabs Emirates should also have excellent water purification plants in various parts of the country to aid in the processing and packaging clean water. This clean water can then be delivered to remote parts of United Arabs Emirates through trucks and water containers.

Economic and Commercial Developments

The United Arabs Emirates needs to have very stable economic environment where commercial institutions have confidence in the future. Further, United Arabs Emirates should attain annual growth rate of 5%. This rate of development will help create long term growth in the country which is vital for attracting investment. The country should also have a government system that is free of any corruption to instill confidence in the people. A well developed infrastructure is vital for economic sustainability. The rate of employment needs to be kept very low so as to increase economic stability of the locals. The United Arabs Emirates also need to have well developed commercial institutions which can access the development of the nation from all fronts.

Part Two

Information Technology and Education

The United Arabs Emirates Government needs to open Information technology hubs and training centers that will equip IT experts. Further, the government needs to launch better investment into the software development program at the university so as to create many software engineers. The information technology training centers also need partnership approach to facilitate fast learning. The Chinese future plan saw them bring on board the government of Germany. Germany and China had several exchange programs that helped China to advance on many fronts. The United Arabs Emirates Government needs to developed free or subsidized university and college education to encourage many young people to get literacy and education. Training in these institutions of higher learning also needs to be synchronized with those in other developed nations. Further, university exchange programs need to be established between the institutions in the United Arabs Emirates and those in advanced nations like Japan. Through exchange programs, the students from United Arabs Emirates can get the exposure needed to solve problems in their generation. Further, parents need to be educated on the right value system to pass to the young generation so as to have youths who are responsible, respectful and well mannered.

Transport and Environment

The implementation of the transport network starts from the design planning. The ministry of transport needs to design a multilayered transport system which comprises road networks, high speed trains and water maneuvers. Freeways need to be constructed in the United Arabs Emirates roads to ease transport. Further, the runway at the airports needs to be increased to be longer than the present length. Creating independent landing and takeoff runways at major international airports need also to be done. North Korea expanded its air ports to create room for more flights. The United Arabs Emirates Government also needs to train engineers on high speed rail system to fast rack its implementation. Transport networks are closely connected to the environment and climate. The development of roads and transport networks should be planned in a manner to preserve the environment from destruction. Further, more plastic recycle plants need to be set up to reduce the extensive pollution that is common with plastic bags and bottles. A policy to construct green buildings should be put in place to help reduce overreliance on electric power generated electricity and this shall help conserve the environment. The natural habitat of wildlife in islands needs to be protected from human destruction and interference. A policy to reduce the movement of vehicles into parks also needs to be put in place to keep off these natural zones from pollution. Japan also implemented a green construction strategy which has seen many of its buildings developed in compliance to green standards Desvaux, G et al..

Health and the economy

High quality health care is improved by developing a robust heath care infrastructure that is reliable. The United Arabs Emirates government needs to budget for more money into the health care ministry to enable the development of more hospitals and health centers. Further, pharmaceutical factories need to be increased in the United Arabs Emirates to help reduce the cost of drugs. India also majored in the development of medicine factories in its strategic plan. The government also needs to train more health care workers to increase access and availability in future. Further, the national health insurance fund needs to be strengthened and expanded to cover as many citizens as possible. The success in the health insurance will help increase access to healthcare for the United Arabs Emirates citizens.

The United Arabs Emirates government needs to increase funding towards the education sector for a period of five years. This annual increment will see the development of relevant infrastructures in the institutions of higher learning. Further, the United Arabs Emirates also need to increase funding towards tuition fees to enable more citizens enroll freely for education. Countries like Japan introduced free elementary education which helped increase the literacy level in the country. Further, the government needs to increase funding for research in various areas of academia that shall facilitate expansion of innovation. Innovation in education is very vital to the expansion of the economy. The government also needs to implement digital learning in schools and colleges to make UAE students competent and at par with their colleges in the global village.

The government needs to create strategies for having alternative sources of revenue apart from the oil. Such a backup is necessary for sustainable growth in United Arabs Emirates. Further, solid legislations need to be put in place to ensure that corruption is eliminated both in the public and the private sectors. Some counties have very low efficiency due to corruption of officials. The tough regulations should be publicized and any corrupt official fired and prosecuted. The infrastructural development needs to be given a lot of consideration to enable the country have more access hence development.

Energy, Food and Water

The United Arabs Emirates government needs to set aside money each financial year for investment into nonrenewable energy. About $ 1000000 is needed to develop one extensive solar cell firm. This money should be allocated annually for a period of three years after which evaluation of its impact can be done. The development of wind farms also need to expand rapidly in bid to diversity energy sources and reduce overreliance on a single energy source. Further, the government needs to educate the public on the need to install solar panels as forms of electric power in homes. The use of energy should be maximized and any policies developed to curtail any wastage. The government of United Arabs Emirates should create good international relationships with its trading partners to enable it access food imports because its production is limited. Further, the government needs to expand the fishing and cattle farming industries to ensure that enough food is available in the country.

Water is a scarce commodity in the United Arabs Emirates. The government needs to increase the water infrastructure to ensure that people in town and those in the countryside have access to water. Further, policies should be created that shall help educate the people on how to maximize the use of water because of its scarcity. The government needs to encourage investment in the water packaging industry though availing loans and incentives. The government also needs to create laws that shall ensure that water pollution is reduced to minimum levels. The government of China collaborated with Germany to implement clean water systems in Beijing. United Arabs Emirates can borrow a leaf from the China- Germany Corporation.


The United Arabs Emirates future framework touches on all sectors of the economy. These sectors include education, health, transport, water and environment among the rest. the country must implement the strategies spelled in each sector to ensure growth and stability in the future. The education and infrastructural sector remains vital if the future has to be secure. The report is compiled in reference to case studies on China, Singapore, North Korea and Japan. These countries developed and successfully implemented futuristic frameworks also known as visions.


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