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The following is a review of what Carmen Vazquez thinks about people's appearances. Vazquez  believes  that  just  because  someone  does  not  fit  into  the  normal  gender  role  does  not  mean  they  are  attracted  to  people  of  their  same  sex. This is very true. Most  people  will  feel  very  comfortable  when  they  dress  in  a  certain  unique  way  or  even  when  they  associate  with  certain  people. The problem lies in the crowd out there. They will say all sorts of things. Vazquez  believes  that  everyone  has  the  right  to  make  his  or  her  own choice  and  should  be  allowed  to  have  eternal  happiness  no  matter  what. In  his  article, Vazquez  understands  that  not  everyone  feels  like  he  does  and  people  will still  make  their  own  opinion.

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Most  people  are  out  to hurt  others  and  will  conclude  just  anything  based  on  their  sexual  orientation. In  some  communities  people  are  even  subjected  to  hanging  if  suspected  to  be  homosexual  even  without  enough  evidence. It  is  very  wrong  that  even  in  this  day  in  age  people  are  not  accepting  of  one  another. Everyone  is  so  quick  to  judge and  hating  each  other  and  it  is  not  right  at  all. If  people  would stop  being  so  fast  at  judging  each  other  we  would  be  living  in  a  great  world.  Vazquez  says  that  he  supports  peace  and  tolerance  of  all  kinds, not  only  for   sexual  orientation, but  also  for  race, and religion as  well.

Most people are very judgmental especially about other people's appearances. In  my  community  guys  in  earrings  are  said  to  be  gays  and  women  who  like  the  company  of  other  women  are  said  to  be  lesbians. Most people do not like being associated with such people. They  are  ex-communicated  and  people  have  a  negative  attitude  towards  them. I totally agree with Vazquez. People  should  learn  to  respect one  another  regardless  of   their  way  of  life. Everyone  is  different  in  their  own  unique way  and  we   should  all appreciate  that. As  Vazquez  says  we  should  all  be  advocates  for  change  as  uniqueness  shapes  the  world.


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