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USA has a history of offshore military campaigns across the globe in pursuit of its global foreign policy. Said campaigns were at times direct one on one, at time under a third party cover, and yet at times under the UN mandate of peace process.  The Era of said conflicts, the nature of the enemy, type of his habitat and availability of technology are the major factors that varied during said conflicts, and also influenced their outcome.

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USA in Afghanistan:

The US started its skirmish in Afghanistan on October 7,2001 by the name of Operation Enduring Freedom (Wikipedia). Said conflict is very different in comparison to what the US has been dealing with in the past. Owing to the diverse nature of the war zone, the type of enemy the tactics of warfare and the pertinent success which is being targeted by the US in this campaign Operation Enduring Freedom is a new story in its own. The main diversities of said conflict are as discussed below:

Said war was primarily conventional versus unconventional enemy forces. It started from direct commitment of conventional military i.e. US Air force and Army against unconventional war machinery. There was a lack of any visible enemy high value targets to be neutralized, lack of any visible enemy resource lines. The enemy converged to covert sabotage operations to inflict damage to US forces men, equipment and infrastructure. It is estimated that till now total of 1514 US troops have been killed in Afghanistan.

The biggest variation is the changing US stance for the war itself, initially it was meant for eradication of Osama and Al-Qaida terrorist infrastructure. Later it shifted to assistance of the new Afghan regime for governance and rehabilitation of state infrastructure. However the resent military setup upgrade in Afghanistan suggests that US might be eyeing Afghanistan as major offshore military launch point to pursue its foreign policy goals in Asia, close to Iran, China and India. In relation to the same at present there are total 189,000 US force personnel in Afghanistan, out of these 68,000 US troops and 121,000 contractors.

In light of said variations the definition of Victory in the Operation Enduring Freedom needs to be reassessed. The is no onground land to capture to declare success, The is no exact enemy force that whoz eradication would mean total success. In reality there may never be any common success in the Afghan campain for all Americans alike. For the leaders and economic bussinessman success might be interms of persuit of regional and global goals. For the US economy it may serve as a continuse drain hole unless the US finds some hidden mineral reserves in Afghanistan that are yet undiscovered and disclosed. The cost of war in terms of both Men and Economy needs to be justified at the time of declaration of Victory. However in case of Afghanistan it might never be a one liner.

A Prince is to be parsimonious or generous, feared or loved. History has been a witness to multiple rulers and conquerors, who had adopted different methods to capture, conquer and rule their land. The best option for one to follow is not to meet either ends of extremity. The most important aspect of a leader or ruler is to do Justice. Generosity, fear and love all seem to be perspective based. If you are generous to one you might be felt as illogical or biased to the other. If you tend to over love a person you might be considered biased by others. Therefore the biggest challenge for any ruler is to stay indifferent to emotional surges and adopt the path of Justice. In a way that to all sects of the society whether they are poor or the rich, the free or the slaves, he seems to be a balanced person, someone who they all can tend to trust and have faith in.

Even at the time of national or regional relations or campaign if the Prince tends to do Justice in dealing with his friends and enemies alike, this would lead to better fame as well as success in running day to day national affairs. The layman notion of might is right may be acknowledgeable in a world of denizens however in a civilized world it needs to be tailors to Just is right, to render this world a better place for all people to live freely and equally. At times the Prince might feel threatened by enemies and might be force to make compromises, yet it is pivotal that he reverts to better diplomatic yet logical approach to come up with policies that would bring a positive effect for his people and his land.


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