Free Alabama Immigration Law Debate Essay Sample

Immigration in the United States is a topic that has attracted many scholars and historians. The challenge has been enormous. Immigration laws have been implemented, but the recent immigration law in Alabama has invited a lot of debate. The definition and the underlying meaning have been of great concern. The immigration law was expected to take effect after its enactment, but was put on hold due to the foreseeable challenges. The illegal population in Alabama has been a great issue for decades now. There have been allegations made by lawmakers in Alabama that Washington has indeed failed on their duty to police this matter. This has forced states’ governments to establish and enforce own laws just as it happened in Alabama. All the same, federal lawyers challenged this law. In its defense the state of Alabama declares that their new immigration law should not be considered as mean and hateful. This is, however, the feeling that is expressed by the public. The Alabama Immigration Law has sparked a lot of fear among some legal immigrants even though it has been greatly applauded by national groups that have been eyeing tougher enforcement on immigration. The desired result of the new law is the reduction of the expenditures of the state and creation of workplaces available for the legal citizens of Alabama and America as a whole. The Republican leaders have come to the knowledge of the focus in the national immigration debate that requires a major refurbishment. Thus, the Alabama Immigration Law is apparently contentious and needs overhaul to make the necessary changes that will work out for all people.

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There have been several lawsuits that have been filed against the Alabama Immigration Law. The Obama administration, United Methodist, Alabama Catholic Bishops and Episcopal churches as well as civil rights associations all form part of this suit. In a layman’s language, the new Alabama Immigration Law contains a number of legal requirements for the citizens of the land and the would-be immigrants. For one, the police have been mandated to detain any individual, who cannot produce any documentation on request to do so. Such a person is suspected to be an illegal immigrant. This appears to be a matter of concern for the Alabamans, who have filed lawsuits concerning the matter. Essentially, there is an intended need to make everything better for Alabama and its people. Looking at the increasing number of inadvertent consequences emerging from the establishment of the toughest anti-illegal immigration law, major Republicans in Alabama have been putting ideas together in-order to twist the legislation to make it less burdensome on the people of Alabama and at the same time less dehumanizing for the illegitimate immigrants. Therefore, the implementation and use of the new Alabama Immigration Law appears to undermine the very basic rights of its population despite its efforts in fighting illegal entry into the state. Moreover, it presents the Alabamans as hateful. The law appears to retrace such ill matters like those of racism that were so evident in the history of America.

Generally, the law decrees that any person, who harbors, transports or rents property knowingly to an illegal person will be held guilty of crime. Moreover, businesses that hire illegal individuals knowingly would also face penalties based on the law. Thus, all businesses are required to apply E-verify in the process of hiring their employees. The law also touches on public schools, which are expected to fully establish the citizenship status of each and every student. At the same time, illegal persons cannot go to college. On voting matters, it is considered a felony for any illegal person to make registration to vote. Lastly, any contract made with an illegal person is termed unlawful. While some of the efforts done are meant for a good cause, everything is not all well for the Alabamans. The churches feel that the new law is keeping them from conducting their religious duties freely. Catholic Bishops have a feeling that they will no longer be in a position to pick up illegal immigrants for mass or even to do counseling on them during difficult moments of their lives. The law also seems to make illegitimate any attempt for them to go to alcoholic anonymous (AA) meetings or even other recovery associations at churches. The law has thus become a contentious issue as it attacks their basic understanding of what it means to be a Christian. However, some other groups feel that the law is helping out the country. It is believed that it is important for any person living in Alabama to be there legally and contribute to the welfare of the Alabama society by paying up taxes. This has been the main reason as to why some people have rallied behind this new immigration law in Alabama.

Following the enactment of the new immigration law in Alabama, many illegal immigrants began moving out of the state in fear of it. Many officials in Alabama have reported the exodus of undocumented immigrants and thus accomplishing the main agenda it was intended for. The move is thought to take the legal residents of Alabama back into the workforce. At the same time it is coming along with some negative changes (UN complaint, par. 1-4). For one, crops have been found rotting in the fields because of lack of human labor to work on the farms. There could be expected severe shortage of workers in outdoor labor fields like forestry, construction and farming. Commercial contractors have also felt a major decline in the number of its workforce. The main worry is how it will finally come up and whether the law will be fully established. The main conflicting issues concern the economy of Alabama and the  employment opportunities of the citizens. Thus, the question is, will the law among other things cause a negative trend in the workforce both in the farms and in the outdoor job market? With these facts about the current situation, it is now possible and important to make an informed decision.

In conclusion, the Alabama Immigration Law looks like it is opening the state into criticism. While a strong law on immigration is needed, a lot of caution is required to effectively address all matters without causing trouble in other areas. Essentially, it is of no use to put in force laws that would destroy the very fabric of the society that holds people together. Basically, the idea behind the law has been to lessen the work that has been bestowed upon the legal citizens of Alabama. Most importantly, the law should not foster illegal immigrants and neither should it be found to offer extra benefits that may be at the expense of others. While the issue of illegal immigrants requires redress to face the economy of Alabama, the law must remain within the intents and purposes of its implementation. Thus, implementing a strong immigration law does not require a combination of so many conflicts and what can be seen as contradicting issues. The most important thing is to base the law as per the existing laws of the land not to cause confusion and misunderstanding. A strict adherence to the very basic immigrant law can really define and direct the status that is anticipated in Alabama. Boosting the economic welfare of Alabama can be achieved without the need to take measures that seem to ruin the image of the country. Generally, the new Immigration Law in Alabama though aimed at enhancing border security and strengthening laws on immigration needs some adjustment. It could infringe the rights of its own people or harass them. It is considered a worth cause to pursue. All the same, the change needs to be conducted in an ethical manner that does not impact negatively the image of the state of Alabama.


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