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Capitalism, a Love Story, is a movie by the American filmmaker, Michael Moore, which examines the implications of capitalism on the lives of ordinary Americans. It seeks answers from an analysis of the aspects of life of the American middle class, and the powerful and rich people in Washington. This movie tries to draw connecting lines between an increasing number of Americans who are being faced by an all-time financial burden, and a minority of Americans in Washington who continue to double their wealth. In a nutshell, this movie asserts that capitalism is to blame for the 2008 global economic crisis.

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Business ethical issues/problem in the movie

In this movie, the relationship between the American middle class—who are the majority in the society—and major corporations, raises an ethical issue. This movie claims that, after passing of Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency, politicians, major corporations and the main players at Wall Street have collaborated to put billions at the disposal of big banks and major insurance companies at the expense of the ordinary American. Additionally, organizations are paying their employees minimal salaries, while, at the same time, they insure them for large amounts. This creates the impression that an employee in the contemporary American society is more valued by his respective organization when dead than during his working life.

Who and what capitalism affects

From the movie’s perspectives, capitalism has affected various classes of the American society in different ways. One, the American middleman, without a job and faced with unprecedented economic times, is negatively implicated by capitalism. On the other hand, the rich and powerful that feature at the top of major organizations, politicians, and the main players in Wall Street have increased their wealth through capitalism. Moreover, big organizations like banks, insurance companies and the like have as well gained from capitalism through maximizing their profits.

Legal and ethical obligations

The question of legal and ethical obligations arise out of an unclear relationship between major financial business leaders, which has resulted to an unconditional deposit of public funds with major banks and insurance companies. Afterwards, this public money is shared among executives of the respective organizations without the government raising an eyebrow—or even commissioning an audit.

Action plan

Without doubt, the issue of public funds ending up in pockets of a few greedy individuals requires an urgent redress. If there are substantial grounds to believe that such an act took place, investigations should be launched and brought to book. The fact that major organizations and corporate entities are offering large insurance premiums at the expense of a good salary, is an illogical and ill-perceived approach in remunerating an employee, and as such, should be reverted. Lastly, there should be put in place necessary social paradigms that can serve to level the playing ground between employer organizations and the American middleman.

Cost/benefit analysis of the action plan

The costs of the above recommendations are both financial and non-financial. One, the government will have to renew its commitments towards the common man. Two, major organizations need to regulate their business ambitions to be in a position to adequately compensate their employees. Setting up social models that enhance fairness across the society might require time and money. However, the benefits are worth it—a renewed national hope in the American society and a much-needed unity.

My philosophical stance

From a personal, capitalism should be employed to avail goods and services to the American middleman at reasonable costs. However, the trend of most Americans companies going global has seen them seek to maximize their respective profits at the expense of both their consumers and employees. While it makes business sense and can be legally contested, its end results paint a brink future of the American society, and in this regard, this redress is urgent. In essence, capitalism should be regulated.


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