Free Domestic Violence, Police Intervention, Gender Roles Essay Sample


Domestic violence is a crime and needs a legal action once discovered in a domestic family. Many are silent about the crime without knowing the problem it brings in a family setting. Women have lost their lives as result of domestic violence leaving many children orphaned and because of this; it is a serious problem, which requires an immediate action. In absence of death, many women are left handicapped and with broken limps for the rest of their lives. It has also been noted, many domestic violence cases are noted at the last stages thus making police left in confused state on what to tackle. Women are the most affected when it comes to domestic violence, but also men are affected and of the domestic violence cases experienced less than half of these cases are reported to the police.

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Domestic Violence Vis a Vis Police Intervention

Police are the report of first instance when there is aproblem.Domestic Violence is a crime reported to the police also. Police are called for example on matters of domestic violence ,the response is considered mainly on the following grounds Short, Medium and long term response. The short response involves police arresting and restraining the criminal, while the medium entails the response by which is an investigative solve a crime and help to get on the bottom of the problem. Whereas the long-term response is to have the problem solved at once. All these elements show police to have a position when it comes to solving crime in domestic violence cases. Domestic violence id defined as any position where behavior that tend to be influenced by both internal factors or external factors and brings into conflict two adults who are in a mutual agreement not withstanding gender or sexual differences.

Police Intervention in Solving Domestic Violence Cases

Police response on domestic violence remained silent until feminists criticized the manner in which it was being handled. In late 70s there was no minimal response concerning perpetrators and victims as a whole. In mid 1980s, it came that serious and required a more appropriate measure, it led to the formation of Domestic Violence Units (DVU) within the police force to help solve witnessed on domestic cases but came under limitation of lacking of legislation when dealing with this problem.

Dependent and Independent on this case study

Dependent variable: The female gender is dependent variable, when it comes to domestic violence because the are considered as the weak gender ,but also men are included in this so is the mutual agreements such marriage both gay and lesbian. These are interrelated I many ways because a singe  mother cannot be said to be a victim of domestic violence yet she lives alone, one need to be in a marriage in order to be considered as victim of Violence.

Independent Variable: Independent variable on the other hand things those are relative. Like for example police officers failing to arrest a man who is beating his spouse or lack of legislation that will curb the gender violence in a country, all these are independent variables that the writer has indentified.


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