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Many a times, we read the paper and think to ourselves "this is not what I wanted", or when watching the news on one channel we tend to switch to the next channel because whatever is being broadcasted is not really new. This issue is normally brought about by a number of reasons. The most common reason for this is that the news coverage that we get in a particular station or paper seems to be more in tune with our current expectations. This changing trend in journalism has led to a huge restructuring of how news is broadcasted and the paper journals are written. The journalists are adapting to some new forms of reporting that can actually capture a majority of the viewers and keep them glued to that particular station as it is the most current in terms of trend. The media and the journalism industry are slowly evolving to incorporate the variety of media for broadcasting of news.

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A while back, journalism used to be a profession where the journalist was credible. However, in the 21st century, the newspaper is not the only source of information.  Today, news is not only about the transmitting the information; it is about who can do it fast in an effective way and also make it interesting. The internet provides this alternative. With this rise in the number of those distributing the media, everybody is in a hurry to get the exclusive news. This has led to an evolution in the industry and now Citizen Journalism has come to the surface. This mode of journalism gives the readers or viewers a chance to do the news reporting. Although this is done mainly by the armatures, the news that is reported is very authentic. Another popular trend that has come to the market is blogging. Blogging was initially a mode of keeping an online diary. However, this has become a popular method of reporting news. Unlike the newspapers, blog readers can actually reply and post their views and comments about the article almost immediately. This mode of reporting that has come up gives more up to date information. The disadvantage of this form of reporting is that, the information is not verified and can thus mislead a majority of the people. 

There has also been a changing trend in the way news is delivered through the broadcasting houses. The news coverage has transformed from the previously long stories to which were given before, to short and to the point reports. The news coverage bases more on the picture or film of the actual event rather than a story by the journalist about what happened. The newspapers are also adapting this trend as they feature more on the pictures then the long articles in writing. This trend has become popular as the viewers are actually able to get a clear description of the events that happened. The news channels have also been involved in the recent trend of packaging information. Nowadays, the news incorporates articles and coverage that will entertain the readers much as they provide knowledge. There is incorporation of news about the popular celebrities, events and the side shows of gatherings. This is important in keeping the audience entertained when watching the news. In doing so, news reporting in journalism has become a mode of entertainment also. Investigative journalism has become popular in the current reporting industries. Unlike the days when the investigations were mostly left to the police and the federal bureaus, the media has decided to get into the investigations also.

The news now incorporates investigative documentaries with the journalists going undercover within the enemy territories and providing exclusive reports. This new trend in coverage of the underground cartels has really helped in uncovering and exposing criminals in the society. The journalists nowadays are playing a more involving role in their reports and investigations. The journalists are getting personal with their interviewees and this is very important in the authenticity of the reports. This new trend has enabled the viewers to get to understand the news even better unlike the days when they had to rely on basically what was being said on the news. It is considered that, a good journalist will always be a good journalist no matter the content of his report. This has spun the reporters and journalists into frenzy to get the latest, hottest, up to date news.

In the present day, there are over 50 new channels and 50 Newspaper houses. There is however not that much information that can keep the channels running for twenty four hours while airing just news. This is the reason for the changing trends experienced in the media houses in order to keep their audience entertained.  There were times when the popular journalists or the popular reporters on the television would be the ones getting the biggest coverage, but this is changing as the platform is given to those who can simply deliver.

The changing times in the journalism and the media industry have become relevant in the way the news is being broadcasted these days. These trends have enabled the media houses and the newspapers to be up to date with what the viewers want to watch on the televisions and read in the newspaper. These media houses have also become of major use to the security as they partake in doing the investigative coverage. These changing times are helping the world in becoming a better place as we get more informed and also get to know the latest about whatever may be happening around us and how we can help by being part of the change.


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