Free Child Development and Delays Essay Sample

Child development may be defined as the biological and psychological changes that usually occur in human beings usually between the times they are born all the way through to adolescence. The changes happen when the individual advances from dependency to increasing autonomy. In addition developmental change may also occur as a result of various factors such as "genetically controlled processes, environmental factors or even learning". Although there are innumerable definitions of development, each individual has a unique and different way of proceeding with the development process. This paper explores child development and delays as depicted in videos; child developmental and migraine delays - has the light turned on and child development and positive parenting skills.

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In the video child with developmental and migraine delay, is quite straight forward with the main importance being on the conception of a system. A system that will go a long way to support and help our innocent children. The central idea being explored concerns what people believes. The video is quite pragmatic about the idea of being nice and cool towards the social activities mainly premeditated for children. The footage expounds and discusses on the type of interaction and response caused by mental retardation. It points out that children with mental retardation have are in some way similar to normal kids in that they also have capability of remembering many things they heard in the past, especially if it was from someone they entirely trust and have already established a strong bond.

Presented by Dr. Glen Latham, another video child development and positive parenting skills describes the true nature of a child and liked to that of a wild hunter gatherer. He lays emphasis on the fact that some even carry on with the condition to adulthood. He addresses parents by advising them on the factor putting a little more pressure on children while placing an emphasis on the importance of molding them when they are still young. He laments that pressurizing a child to adapt to the civilized world might not be successful at all. This video banks on the idea that children ought to be taught to behave well by their parents. In addition, they should also be taught on the need and importance of being self sufficient. He notes that children are wonderful and unique and they should be assisted in learning BE in school. As his parting short he notes that "the wildest dots make the best horses".

Two methods that are crucial and essential in providing help to children suffering from developmental delays have been proposed and discussed. These are; the correct specific functional diagnosis which aims at establishing the specific part of the brain that is not working properly. The next approach is the correct special treatment aimed at establishing those areas that don't exceed metabolic capacity and that could possibly fatigue the children.

The video mainly focuses on the role of the society in acknowledging, accepting and enhancing a better livelihood for the children with developmental delays, a topic that has been tackled quite effectively.

Contrasting the two videos footage, I tend to believe that none was superior to the other or more effective. They both relayed important information that is much helpful. On the other hand, contrary to the proposition the viewers will find that the later is limited in its scope - addresses parents and guardians only - while the former encompasses both the parents and the society as a whole in ensuring child development is catered for. In addition the video does recommend workable medical attention.


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