Free Enrique’s Journey Essay Sample

Determination and Desperation

Enrique’s Journey is an outstanding work written by Sonia Nazario. The author gives an account of a seventeen year old boy who makes a harrowing attempt to find his mother in America who has spent twelve years in foreign lands seeking for means for better lives for her children. The story is characterized by determination and desperation as the main character goes through gripping hardships and inhuman conditions while attempting to make her dreams come true. For example, Enrique’s mother opts for the hard way of abandoning her young children in Honduras to sneak to America in order to work hard and obtain money and come back to take care of her starving children. She is a determined woman willing to go against all odds to feed and dress her children and provide them with decent education. She shows determination by taking a risk of immigrating to America illegally. Having spent twelve years in America, she is still optimistic about making a difference in her life by earning money hoping to go back home to her children in Honduras. Lourdes situation in America is a desperate one because she has been force by circumstances to remain abroad against her will and sneak back after a short stay.

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Nazario’s story of the young boy who makes disparate attempts to find his mother is a great example of determination at times of desperation. Twelve years after his mother left the family; his isolation becomes even more disparate prompting him to take the risk of coming to the United States illegally in search of his mother. His journey entails riding on tops of freight trains around Mexico where they are pursued by gangsters who control these areas. Also, they are forced to deal with the corrupt Mexican officials who demand bribes from them otherwise immigrants are to be deported back to Honduras. During the journey, the young illegal immigrants have to cope with a number of disparate conditions demanding dire determination from those who take the risk.

Enrique together with other illegal immigrants gets mutilated along the way, making others loose their minds. Enrique travels from Tegucigalpa only with a telephone number of her mother in North Carolina. He has no money and has to take dangerous and illegal actions that are likely to complicate his travel around Mexico while clinging on the sides and atop of trains and buses. Enrique’s journey is filled with bravery and sufferings making the story even more interesting. It is filled with sheer strength of the spirit and desperation that is seen to play a significant role in guiding the lonely wanders who seek to achieve specific purpose in their lives. Enrique’s desperate risks involved in the illegal immigration and his simple thoughts about his mother by his side gives him needed determination to overcome the hostile and unknown worlds. The journey to America entails a number of disappointments as migrants are robbed and killed by robbers and bandits who want to benefit from vulnerable immigrants. Enrique is aimed to succeed in pushing each inch ahead by using his courage, wit as well as kindness offered to him by strangers.

In conclusion, the desperate and epic journey around the land of villains and monsters in a disappointed attempt to find his lost mother in the mysteries of north is a clear depiction of a dangerous travel that illegal migrants go through to achieve desires of the hearts. Lourdes is determined to provide her son and sister with needed means for living back in Honduras while Enrique goes through desperate situations in order to find her mother and have her by his side. The inhuman and dangerous escapades in El Tren de la Muerte or The Train of Death serve as justification that Enrique’s journey is the one full of determination and desperation.


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