Free Eulogy to Michael Jackson Essay Sample

To the family and friends and all those who gathered here today. My name is Aimal Ali, one of the personal assistants of the late Michael Jackson. I knew Michael through a friend in the early stages of his journey towards stardom. In 1970, the group “The Jackson 5” had released four number one singles that set a new record in America, since that moment I knew that we would work closely at one time. I have known Michael as a true friend and very committed person who achieved a lot in his life.  He was a person who would match a common phrase used by Rev. Jesse Jackson in his campaigns “Keep Hope Alive.” Michael would stop at nothing but success. He stood out as a great example of the human being’s potential, despite the challenges we faced, especially at the time when America still did not value the blacks.

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He exuded calm and confidence, and at the age of fourteen in 1971, Michael had the potential to go solo, as the result he succeeded. He was a pioneer, and in 1974, Michael performed the dance move “The Moonwalk”. It was a move that revolutionized dance perpetually.  Michael was a great example of a poem written in 1915 by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken” that talks about a man, brazened out with the choice between two roads. To get to his destination, the man in the poem procrastinates and ponders over which path to take. Under the certain circumstances, Michael chose a road that many people would not have taken at such age and during such era. I know this is a great loss to the family, friends and relatives because he would not hesitate to make mention of the people he related with so dearly and closely. Indeed, he will forever be missed. May God be with you all and rest his soul in eternal peace. 


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