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Pat Mary fishers book, "Living Religions”, is a widely read book, and it covers deeply on the aspects of religion. In the book, she portrays how religion covers the thoughts and behaviors of many citizens world wide. In relation to the 21st century, Pat analysis the implication and the impact of religion to the increasingly and interrelated different cultures. She goes beyond her scope and explains in depth the different religion available word wide, giving the norms of each and everyone of them. The book samples local as well as new religions available.  It also goes further and gives a detailed account as that particular religion practices it. Social and political issues are also discussed in this book, and in elation to this issue, Pat categorically analysis critically environmental decay and the place of a woman in the current world in relation to the ancient period. She has voiced out the stand of a woman in both developed and developing countries, with respect to their religion believes.

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In my view, this book is in accordance with the dynamics of religion and it is relevant in today’s world. This is because, the book first introduces the beginner of a certain n religion, the history related to it, its vision, mission norms, believes and the basic principles each faith attests. In addition, the book also interrelate other related articles such as books, periodicals, magazines as well as sources from the internet websites.

Case in point, in relation to chapter two of the book "Living Religions", the chapter is entitled “Sacred Ways”. In this chapter, Pat tries to analyze every aspect of life, and she points out that everything is alive.  On page 41, she quotes that, ’Native American is like fire, she attests that, the fire burns away like confusion. ’ in her point of view, body is warmed and relieved from suffering by this fire. It is the same fire that in her opinion burns out illusions. She articulates that, at a younger age, one can hardly understand the t4eachings of Native American, but only after ones maturity stage that he or she will be in a position to understand the teachings of the Native American. The wisdom from the teachings of Native American teachings can only penetrate, and get well understood when one is old enough. This is due to both the external and internal processes that one undergoes, and the rituals that comes with the teachings.

Power according to Pat can be build up through sacred practices or even ritual objects.  In relation to this chapter, I identified with the power of the Hindu. They have a strong believe on the way they worship, and they transcend to spiritual energy. This can be attributed to be attached to animal wolf, which they wear clothes made from its fur. In addition to the invisible powers, the worldly phenomenal of the tangible things are intertwined in both the spirit, as well as the spiritual wellness. To my opinion, all these aspects are express and felt in as a family. In this power, the society is believed to be paramount, and has life expectancy beyond the living humans. It also perceives that many culture believe that the Earth is their mother.

Non members of this power hardly have an understanding of what transpires in these indigenous sacred ways. This is because, after being threatened with severe repression, majority of the cultures have been practicing secretly.  Pat attests that, in Mesoamerica, has carried its sacred ancient teachings in secret for over five hundred years. This is after the coming of conquistadores, which was accompanied by its family, and was presented as a secret oral tradition. Another example shown out in this chapter as presented by Pat is on the Buryats who were living near Lake Baykal in Russia. They are said to have been converted into Buddhism and Christians centuries ago. In addition to this, as shown in parts of aboriginal Australia, they have kept on the practices and teachings secretly for a period of over two hundred years as attested by Lorraine Williams. This was after the colonization of the white missionaries.

I identified with this power because; most of the others have a little basis for a Native American to grasp. This is due to their native sacred ways. Also, some of these other cultures were being conservative, and were giving false information to strangers. This was the case so as for them to protect their tradition from being uninitiated.


In a nutshell, in my opinion spirituality is a lifestyle with a specific approach all aspects of life. When compared to meditation during private time and attending to church on Sundays, spirituality is totally a separate entity. Spirituality entails to all aspects of life. Therefore one should take a step of faith and get attached to one.


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