Free Observing a Stranger Essay Sample

Some people may feel awkward whenever they meet somebody unexpectedly. Usually, we are interested in a person we see for the first time. We want to find out more about the unknown man. To some extent, it is more exciting when we encounter a stranger, and he or she is ready to talk to us. However, my case was different. Meeting somebody in our neighborhood, who could hardly talk, was the last thing I expected. The way he looked was even more frightening than his silence. He was a bald headed man with a freckled face.

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Every evening while I was walking in our neighborhood, I saw him sitting along the road. He would not respond even after I had greeted him. It was becoming perplexing. I had never seen that person before and neither did I see him in company. He was always dressed smartly, and everybody wanted to know what kind of person he was, and where did he come from. Well, the apparent look on his face showed the image of a contented man and nothing seemed to bother him.

The sight of this man was ominous. I am the one who likes following after every new person that appears in my life. The way he was dressed defined his personality in a perfect way, and he was known as the new man around the neighborhood. He would always get into his usual place with a sense of dignity. The way that man looked differed him from the entire community.  He always matched his solemn look with the colors he wore in his outfit. As usually, bold man put on dull colored clothes, and there was not a day that he was not criticized by my friends, when we happened to meet that guy.

This man was approximately 5’9” in my own judgment. Everybody looked at him as if he was a monster. Apparently, everyone was afraid of him. Nothing would actually intimidate that guy. He appeared to be extremely confident of himself, and did not pay attention to people who surrounded him. Every slightest provocation would make him angry, and many chose to keep away from the bold man. He had a low voice that would come along with feelings of threats and horror.

That stranger made me think about the person I was, and the character that was hidden in me. Before meeting that guy, I thought that it had been easy to get along with people, because I could always come to them and start talking. However, I was wrong on that case. I was full of insecurities, and I felt as if that person had cruel intentions towards everybody. Maybe I was wrong because nothing worse was reported within the community. So I came to realize that not all silent people were cruel. I waited with awe to know what kind of person he was and why did he appear in our streets.

We are always afraid of strangers. For sure, this one would frighten everyone especially when there is no room to interact. In order to let go of any fears, it is very important to have a talk with the person. My stranger did not seem to be excited by anything and never felt content with anything. He exuded calm, confidence, and quietness wherever he was. One day he left our neighborhood. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to find out where did he come from and the reason of his visit. Strangers can behave strange indeed. 


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